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  1. And here is the prizes inside the ball : Congrats!!!! Please add me with note of your username forum
  2. even you didn't win that , I'm hoping you win the costume good luck and stay tuned tomorrow will be the announcement day
  3. thank you Dixy stay tune for next week there will be gonna be a competition like this
  4. Just want to say that one of lucky number contains Maginficent Prince Statue announced congrats for the winner 573
  5. Hi , Guys , I'm gonna announce who win this item TODAY . I'm giving 10 more minutes ( if someone want to pick ball ) see you in 10 minutes I'm guarantee that one of number will be picked out today
  6. * Due to a few participant , now all member who has chosen for 1 number can chose 1 more this mean one person can choose 2 lucky balls And one of the ball carry this special prize :
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