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  1. And here is the prizes inside the ball : Congrats!!!! Please add me with note of your username forum
  2. even you didn't win that , I'm hoping you win the costume good luck and stay tuned tomorrow will be the announcement day
  3. thank you Dixy stay tune for next week there will be gonna be a competition like this
  4. Just want to say that one of lucky number contains Maginficent Prince Statue announced congrats for the winner 573
  5. Hi , Guys , I'm gonna announce who win this item TODAY . I'm giving 10 more minutes ( if someone want to pick ball ) see you in 10 minutes I'm guarantee that one of number will be picked out today
  6. * Due to a few participant , now all member who has chosen for 1 number can chose 1 more this mean one person can choose 2 lucky balls And one of the ball carry this special prize :
  7. FYI : Tomorrow I'm gonna put a new twist in this give away stay tuned! *An extra prize will be given*
  8. hi , Chay I can sell the Crab Costume for 3x5999 for you
  9. FYI : 3 balls with the jackpot has been chosen , only 1 remain pick carefully
  10. I've made a randomizer good luck all *p.s. : just click random and then print screen and then paste it at the paint , haven't looked at the result yet will announce the winner until all the spot are occupied or by Friday 05:00 GMT
  11. Welcome to Rob's Lucky Ball Contest In this Contest there will be 30 balls which contain a lot of treasure and you can only pick one Ball! So search for the right ball because you might be win this wonderful prizes : Jackpot : Mermaid Princess Outfit Fuchsia Mermaid Outfit Trinidadian Crab Outfit Alice Outfit Beside the Jackpot you still can win the other prizes like : King Of The Sea Plushie Snowman Sundae Chinese Hanging Lantern Red Stagecoach Decor Electrocardiogram Machine Grim Reaper Statue Phonograph Decor Wendy's Pink Window Easter Dessert Table Prom Buffet Table Lunar New Year Feast Table and 15 GMB So , hurry up! Grab your balls now and maybe you will win one of the jackpot! Rules : 1. Must have 20 posts 2. Member at least 1 week Balls : 1. GMB 2. ayathon - GMB *hasn't sent yet* 3. chay - GMB *SENT* 4. GMB 5. DarkNite - Snowman Sundae *hasn't sent yet* 6. ayathon - GMB *hasn't sent yet* 7. Pedj@ 94 Dixy - Fuchsia Mermaid Bundle *SENT* 8. Prom Buffet Table 9. marquise - Wendy's Pink Window *hasn't sent yet* 10. Chinese Hanging Lantern 11. GMB 12. esperia - Grim Reaper Statue *SENT* 13. earon09 - GMB *hasn't sent yet* 14. GMB 15. King Of The Sea Plushie 16. Gabs Giggles - Phonograph Decor *hasn't sent yet* 17. GMB 18. CharlotteLouise - Easter Dessert Table *hasn't sent yet* 19. GMB 20. New Year Feast Table 21. Ursula - GMB & Magnificent Prince Statue *SENT* 22. GMB 23. SashaGirl - Trinidadian Crab Outfit *SENT* 24. DarkNite -GMB *hasn't sent yet* 25. orik - Red Stagecoach Decor *hasn't sent yet* 26. GMB 27. esperia - Electrocardiogram Machine *SENT* 28. earon09 - GMB *hasn't sent yet* 29. Alice Outfit 30. chay - Mermaid Princess Bundle *SENT*
  13. 48 more dishes to Coconut Cake! so happy
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