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  1. all i hear about these days is "theft" some people are just scum
  2. I'm starting a line of entry level 125cc all wheel drive street motorcycles(concept shown above) based on the design of our first build Read about our first AWD motorcycle, i hope it has a future with new riders?
  3. A few years ago I built a prototype 2x2 if anyone wants to read about it, here is the articlehttp://www.fasterandfaster.net/2013/03/rob-hackstetter-talks-about-awd-invex998.html Rob Hackstetter Hackstetter.com
  4. i used google sketch a free and basic program for making 3d anything, a good starter program if you wanna try drawing in 3d i think http://sketchup.google.com/ and the best part; it's free!
  5. If i could find this in a 12v power supply like an N20 Bottle heater this would work. Thanks Guys was thinking of a "stove pipe" off the header and then i thought about years later when the bikes are old it would just be a good way to set the bike on fire
  6. I may need nothing, however I see it as a preventive measure. few bikes use gear oil, I think BMW uses it in the shaft drive (ring and pinion setup) I use gear oil in my gearbox because I have a gearbox similar to a transfer case for the 2x2 and I do not want the thick oil at first start to hinder the torque biasing of the all wheel drive. i might be able to switch to an ATF type fluid
  7. winter in Finland, i was thinking of running a coil/exchanger that has hot radiator fluid pumped into it
  8. yup 10 Celsius 80/90 weight gear oil... i'm looking for a method that does not require a power source not on the bike?
  9. bounce off some ideas to some fellow "motorheads": i'm going to do some enduro type testing on a police interceptor concept that has 2x2 borrowed from my invex998 that i've built. Temp outside will be on average 14 degrees, my transmission has gear oil in it and i'm worried the viscosity will not react well in the cold , especially from a cold start, this may effect the 2x2 in the first 10 min of use. I was thinking,could i preheat the oil using exhaust temp/ exchanger, or engine coolant or something electric.. has anyone ever seen anything like a pre heater on a bike?
  10. very sad to hear, let alone see. Life seems to be so cruel and unfair. I will say a prayer for the mans family
  11. other then some radical engineering. Your right not much of a point with this bike
  12. for the time it did well because it was pulling around the track.. keep in mind tires "sucked" in 1930'ish and i guess putting the weight of the motor low made it's CG much better than bikes of its time The point is? An american GI took it home after the war and it was lost
  13. i think the fuel is fed into the axle like the banjo bolt on a brake line....crazy stuff
  14. front wheel drive, the engine is in the hub!!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Killinger_and_Freund_Motorcycle
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