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  • Birthday 08/05/1979
  1. Thanks everyone for all your birthday message's i've had a fantastic day with some great friends and stu'e did spoil me lol
  2. Or could it be that Luke is doing something to him at work to make him smile Thats a point they did stay on late last night? He told me he was helping Luke with his exhaust
  3. Well stu went to work smilling this morning! Oop sorry Dave to lower tone , or it could be the fact it's his last at work for two weeks
  4. I think if you bought her the three books she will be very pleased.
  5. Well i better not explain about the book on here Dave will have me banned lol. But i'm sure there's plenty of ladies out there dreaming of Mr Grey right now!!
  6. So who's bought the book for wife? I can't recommend it enough
  7. Thank you all for your wonderful messeges Most of all thank you Stu for 10 wonderful years you are my real life fifty shades of grey!
  8. http://slide.ly/view/ea1d7cbd853831b1014999a2635065e8
  9. Just testing my clutch as i've just fitted BF Goodrich braided line! Next job stubby levers
  10. Here is the newest edition to the Hemmings household. This is Marco the green Iguana. His 5 months old and only 12'' at the moment but will grow to about 4-5ft. Keep an eye on this thread to see his growth progress. I'm sure he will like a little ride on the Rizla lol. Here's a pic of a fully grown Iguana.
  11. Happy birthday handsome! Hope you liked your cake.
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