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  1. You're not kidding ,welcome Tony
  2. get rick to finish his project, and get him to show it, that way you get in free
  3. had my email tonight, deffo got two stands side by side
  4. lol possibly one of your better choices
  5. I'll be there, I'm running two show stands(hopefully side by side) old skool suzuki and old skool performance
  6. any of you guys going the breckie meet at Lynns cafe sunday, or is it egg run time ????
  7. I see you're from stoke, my wifes from there, but wont hold that against the place I live near alton towers
  8. if anyone's going to the Uttoxeter VJMC show in july or classic bike show at NEC in November give me a shout nearer to and I'll have a cold one waiting on my show stands so pop in and chat
  9. someone mention free breakie?????? hopeing to go, might have kids with me so I'll be in the cage
  10. some may know me from other forums (bit of a forum whore) I'm more into older air cooled bike and 2 strokes than the newer breed of bikes (although they do have some nice goodies that swop easily with the old skool stuff ) I have a GS700E (similar to the uk spec GSX750E, but with higher comp pistons and warmer cams) also I am sourcing parts for a couple of looooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg term projects I have in my head. thas me for now, I'm off to surf your fine forum.
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