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  1. suzukijax


    Hello and welcome
  2. The thing that really gets me where women and kids are concerned when they cross the road they stand safely on the kerb but put the pram / pushchair into the gutter how thick is that
  3. Noticed it too glad to say not raining yet
  4. Thanks Noz that made me laugh the mortgage is my daughters we rent the place off her i cant afford it even with a lodger so im going he has 18mths there then it can go on the market I cant stay here in this town with both of them about so i need to do this for myself fresh start away from old haunts and memories
  5. Thanks a million guys for your support
  6. Thankyou for your very kind words i have decided im leaving him cant get back 27 yrs after this so onward and upward new home new job new county
  7. Thanks guys have been offered so many beds from the IOM, Devon and up to Scotland i might make a journey of it lol
  8. Im not going to be on here for a while found out hubby has been having an affair so moving out for some head space and wont have internet connection. Will speak soon
  9. sorry to hear that you will pass keep at it
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