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  1. Ha Ha Ha cheers for more advice wont get out on bike again till weekend gonna try gripping tank more see how i get on, if no better will give that sand trick a go
  2. Cheers for replys lads could be a combination of needing to relax and maybe move bars will give it a shot , not out on bike as much as i'd like so maybe tense when i am
  3. Got a Bell like the lid but gives me a sore head, red forehead after 20 miles so no good ,in the market for another as soon as i can afford it!
  4. Anyone else suffer from sore hands after a few miles? Bike is Mk1 Bandit 12 with Renthals and rubber grips was thinking of getting Foam grips see if that helped!
  5. Never been on here since i joined doh, but am gonna make up for it now
  6. Hi Guys I,m Hunter fae Fife I own a 96 bright orange 1200 will post some pics when i work out how cheers
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