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  1. Got our's today . And it got a really great start at the first month . Thanks Chad for your work mate . Cheers Maveric
  2. Not yet but sitting close to the mailbox and waiting LOL . Cheers Maveric
  3. Here you got 2 pic's to chose from Chad . I remove the watermark if you want me to email it to you mate .
  4. Got Mine and Swedban's today and June was a nice month . Thanks for your work Chad . And i take the optunity to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year . Cheers Maveric
  5. Hi Chad Have paid for two calendars now sorry for the delay mate. As for you that haven not order one do it as said befor its just a tenner and a nice thing to hang on your livingroom wall or cavewall . Cheera Maveric
  6. As usual in the last minute ;-). Cheers Maveric
  7. Tomorrow i start my ride to UK . going to start here in Karlshamn Sweden 1pm and going down to Calais overnight and then heading for stockport near Manchester before 24 hours gone (trying to do a Iron Butt) that is 1700km (1062miles) . Then after a rest at a friends place there i head for a bikemeet at the Old George Inn Sykeshouse at the weekend. And going south on sunday eve passing Leichester on my way down to Harwich to take the ferrie to Esbjerg Denmark and home hopefully at thuseday eve. If you see me on the roads (Swede wiht a touringbus converted GSX1400) or stop me for a chat . Cheers Maveric
  8. Hi someone cant wait anymore so i mounted the panels yesterday . So this is how it look't last fall. And this is how it look's now And some closeups Now it's just out and ride it . Cheers Maveric
  9. Thanks for the comments .. Now i will continue the story of my project. after i had put the primer on i got over the parts with some vet&dry 800 grid and painted some parts with white pearl.. and some parts with the same paint as the frame And when it was dry i masked it up for a coat of Boost blue pearl . Starting to see a pattern . And here is the tank with some airbrush (eyes and Suzuki logo). The eyes was my whifes idea (probably her keeping a Eye on me) LOL and the logo is in two colours to make it look like it's hovering over the tank. The side panels was the last part that i decided how it will look like (acually was not decided before this last friday) painshop idea And the finished look If anyone wonder why the nr:21 it's simply my lucky number no other relation . When i sprayed the tank and the frontfender the idiot "me" forgott to adjust the amount of paint when i cleaned the spraygun , so a copple of nice "paint curtains" emerge in the clearcoat . So i had to wait untill this sunday to rub the curtains down and put 2 more layers of clearcoat on ,but now it's ok . And this is how the finished result look like . on the front fender i did a little twist ,i put some old school fireflames just for fun close up close up on the eye's i ment tank LOL This is as far i'm at the moment ,got a permit to store all new painted parts on our second floor inside the house to let the paint harden before i put them on sometime end next week almost cant wait I also have another thing to tell ,a copple of weeks ago i did a new dynorun (power run) coz i was not pleased with the result last fall (156hp/155mn at the rear wheel) that time it was running lean. Now i have tuned it in and changed the cam settings for a higer rpm torque , and i pay'd up i now have 168hp/160mn at the rear wheel think it's ok if you now a stock one has 102hp in the motor . Happy as a lottery vinner if all goes as plan i'm on my way to UK 6:th of august trying to do a ironbutt (1000miles in less than 24hours) and a bikemeet at old George Sykeshouse with the GSX1400 owners se if we meet at the roads . Cheers Maveric
  10. Thanks all . And i have started the thread look here /t9005-a-complete-change-of-paint-to-my-trusted-bike-during-vinter-2013-spring-2014#117083 Cheers Maveric
  11. Hi here starts the story of my descition to make a change of paint scheme on my GSX1400 -07 . It all started with i noticed a lots of stone chips on the frame after used the bike for 40000km ,so i decided to repaint the frame. Here is a pic of how it looked in oct 2013 the week after this pic i started the diassembly, a complete stripdown except the motor. now the "fun" started this frame was no beauty regarding he welds , all the "gravel" like thats are around a weld they have not sanded away before paint . So a lot of hours later i was done with it and put the primer on at this stage i had also removed the mountings for the horns (hidden the horn under the tank) . Some paint and clearcoat it looked like this changed colour from black to grafite gray metallic . Then the fun started put all together again it's really nice when all things are clean . At the same time i changed front springs to progressive ones a good decition i can say now . Even made a little twist with the vin plate, see if you can see the difference At this point i decided to do something about the wheels too ,so i removed all the text on the spokes except the Suzuki logo. Then the same process started again primer Paint same as the frame Painted the Suzuki logo red . and this is how it looks if i says it myself . even the calipers got some attention with new seals and paint this is how it looks right now. But it's not over yet . As i have a complete set extra containing tank, rear end, sidepanels and front fender. i started to do a lot of thinkering what to make with those parts , and two weeks ago i had decided on a paint scheme. so the hole process started again . and there i stop for tonight will continue tomorrow . Cheers Maveric
  12. Hi have not been online here for a while due to a lot of work related and other projects. but have now got a little less things to keep in the air so now i'm BACK . Have done a complete paint work on my bike and i mean a complete paintwork . Will start a tread about it here under project section but i start tomorrow coz it's time for a nap now. Cheers Maveric
  13. Dave You can Always go this direction if you want some serious miles . But if you are choosing Scotland go for the Highlands and the road betveen Scourice to Inchnadamp (thats the road i was filming 2010 and put on youtube as MCR8)Loots of twisties and nice senery . Cheers Maveric
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