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  1. Love those Danny McAskill ones - what a talent. Here's two of my favourites, one bicycle and one proper bike: http://vimeo.com/9970489
  2. Hi Rose - think I know you from somewhere else
  3. Thanks Dave. And to darkember - Abergavenny. Now I've learned to read We get up that way quite a lot in the summer. It's a good spot to aim for after a run across the mountains.
  4. Thanks for the nice words all! Location is near to Haverfordwest. You anywhere there, darkember?
  5. And for something similar, but on a Pan European ... watch this. 300kg wet, and probably nearer half a tonne with all the police kit. These guys are awesome.
  6. Photoshopped picture of the 'corpse' and an instant sea burial? Not convinced yet.
  7. Hi all I came to this forum via a mention on Bedfordbiker's blog, and looking forward to chatting with you all. Current bikes are a Triumph Bonneville and a Yamaha XT600E. Year-round, all-weather rider, heading towards Old Git status. Rich
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