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  1. I remember a story about a young lad that got pulled over for speeding, the policeman said "I've been waiting for you all day" to which the young lad replied "Well, I got here as fast as I could officer..." Sorry to hear about the speeding ticket Rose. Come to the Isle of Man where we don't have speed cameras Or a speed limit for that matter.
  2. I was going to post a picture of the new VFR 1200 although the anti-virus / malware protection alarm started sounding bells and sirens with flashing pop up warning boxes. My wife looked shocked, I felt quite guilty. I was only googling pictures of motorbikes but you would have sworn that by the alarms going off that I was looking at porn. I think the shock on both of our faces would have made quite an interesting picture with all those alarms going off. Anyway, forget the picture, google it if you dare. The Honda VFR 1200 if I haven't been arrested for visiting some dodgy websites...
  3. I'd go with the No. 1 option. If it does rain, which it will not, you have a compact and lightweight waterproof suit to protect your leathers. If it was raining, which it will not, you'll not care about a fashion parade and your leathers will still be dry (ish) for the next day. We can all remember what cold water feels like rising up inside your leathers to regions that shouldn't even be mentioned. It's not worth doing a second time, that's for sure. BTW, I'm not the weatherman and any advice I give about whether it will rain or not is purely hypothetical. I just hope that it stays dry and you guys have a great time. (Bad luck talking about the wet stuff!)
  4. Silhouette...Welcome to the REvolution I think there might be a few of us right back there at the start.
  5. Back on thread, some more ideas:
  6. I will have a go later at getting this challenge done properly so we can move on but for the moment, here's a 'slightly outside the rules' picture which I thought might be worth sharing: It's a bump post until later and it is a picture of a bike next to a caravan, it's just not my bike and it was taken before the challenge and doesn't fit the rules so I'll go away now and get a proper one
  7. Maybe we could use the tagline "Have you slapped the forum today?"
  8. Okay, last one, I'm trying so hard to keep this tame. Possible advertising strategy
  9. Are they chrome downpipes? Has he tried chrome polish on them? If not, I believe that on cold pipes, lacquer thinner can remove most if not all stains.
  10. Theodore Roosevelt once said "Walk softly and carry a big stick" Manxbiker once said "Ride in black but have a very loud exhaust!"
  11. Typical girl response there Rose, like most of us men, he probably didn't even notice there was a label with washing instructions. Simple answer is just get some high viz spray paint and spray your jacket to make it look like new. Smiley faces look great in high viz spray paint this time of year.
  12. Do you think somebody should tell Ian Hutchinson that it's not actually his forum?
  13. Totally agree with you. I lost a very good friend and colleague in a motorcycle accident this year. It's changed my outlook on life tremendously. We're only visitors and we're only here for a short time so people like your friend, Scratcher that make a connection with other people and are remembered for what they did and how they touched yours and so many other people's lives. I like to think that guys like this get awarded a special set of Honda wings so they can ride like never before.
  14. Just had a little play around with a picture I took of the parade lap on Senior Race Day. Therefore, there cannot be any question about copyright issues or intellectual property rights.
  15. Quite funny, little blue Nissan Micra doing 35mph over the mountain, guess they had no idea why there were over 400 bikes behind them Leaving the Grandstand to start the lap:
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