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  1. sniff


    These are the ones I've got. Makes so much differnce when wearing my Shoei. Saves about 30db on your ears. Who over says buying a decent lid is good for the head forgot about buying decent ear plugs too. Save you head and save your hearing too.
  2. Yes I know you have Top Gear and Fifth Gear so I thoguth how about my new show First Gear. For the first show I will be talking to Tommy Dale British Super sport riding for Haribo Star mix and Rob Guiver. Waiting for confirmation to which team he will be riding for. And Jordan Weaving first year in British 125 championship along side team mate Rob and for 2012 will be riding in the Red Bull rookies supporting the World Moto3 team around the European circuits. There will be plenty of other guest along the way including Thunder sports, BTCC, Fomula Fords, plus talks to BSB teams including Splitlaith Redmond, GB Moto and some others. All starts on Tuesday 7th Feb from 6pm on www.phoenixfm.com or if you live close to Brentwood tune in to 98FM. Also if you are a rider or a team owner then get intouch and we will get you on air too.
  3. Rough guess its the S'es at Snetterton?
  4. This is when it goes wrong at Drids too. Doesn't it Mr Laverty.
  5. sniff


    ello and welcome to the forum. Nice choise in bike by the way.
  6. sniff


    Evening and welcome to the happy house.
  7. sniff


    And a very good prospect in Jordan Weaving who is going into the Red Bull Rookies next season.
  8. sniff


    And my little mate Rob Guiver.
  9. sniff


    And also one of these. Do like the Seaton bike.
  10. sniff


    In that case I'll have one of these. Jenny Tinmouth warm up at Brands in October.
  11. Will be there on the Friday. Less than 30 days to go. !! ! ! Cant wait.
  12. As much as i love Hopper ive removed it funny it was though In that case can I shove it in here?? Got to be a very close second place!!!
  13. And within a few hour they have lost one rider already. Jorge Martinez Boero died from head and chest injuries in a crash.
  14. I just posted up and found out what the rules are. But I still like my picture and hope you see the funny side of the comment. So lets keep it up there PLEASE.
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