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  1. now have a set,off the flee bay for £150.00 KIN MADE UP!!!!! ,I NOW HAVE A SET OF OVAL STAINLESS MTC CANS FOR SALE,oval stainless,tri oval carbon tips,not a mark on them,MINT,£300,with link pipes, allso have a box of mk1 bamdit bits, coils,screen,dogbones,headlamp brackets,airbox with rubbers,clamps,levers,all used but full working order,(not expensive,apart from postage,unless you collect from SUNNY WIGAN)cheers S
  2. just to put things in perspective I only want a set of STANDARD CANS 4-2-4 NOTHING SILLY,NO 4-2-6 THEY LOOK STUPID!!!!!!THANXS ,S any help would be great thanx again S
  3. I know half the concern has been sold of to the U S they are only doing the right hand as in the final edition, john still has the rights for the left !!!! so you cant buy a pair,he is 76 and retired but said he would make me a left one if he could have my bike for a week (in Norfolk)?but your man in the states is only producing the F E 4into1 right hand exhaust,so that's why I put a wanted add on here any further help guys?? thanx S
  4. Wanted a pair of john Campbell sidewinder cans for a gsx 1400 K4, any help appreciated thanx S
  5. aria,st George you know the one,st George flag,size 62,never dropped,has 1 chip in paint,and 1 vent popper missing,just got new helmet to match new bike,so surplus to requirements,offers??size xxxl creasant Suzuki genuine paddock jacket excellent condition,(wouldn't be selling but just don't go with a lime green Kawasaki)offers?hand made one off stainless exhaust bolt on can for 97 mk1 1200 bandit,EXELLENT SOUND,same diameter as link pipe looks very different than anything ive ever seen,ran it for 8 months no jetting required,just bolt on and go!!!!! OFFERS?? THANX S
  6. 1 pair of dominator lights,chrome,lost the wiring,but all there inc brackets for a mk1 1200 £40,a standard set of mk1 carbs,fully cleaned,and serviced,just bolt on,£120,1 corbin shot gun seat,full leather good condition,a few wear cracks(as leather does) not perfect but worth £80 all day long,1 set of standard 1200 coils,used condition,but changed for american replacements,£35. 1 givi mono rack no rust,all fittings,£50,1 givi simply top box will take 2 full face helmets,no marks,complete with back pad,£85,1 powerbronze rear hugger including fitting kit perfect,satin black £49,powerbronze radiator cover chrome £20,PRO BOLT ENGINE BOLT KIT ALL 8 HEAD AND 4 CAM COVER BOLTS,PLUS OIL COVER,AND ALL ENGINE ALLEN BOLTS,IN GOLD ANODIZED ALLOY,£55,one off stainless bolt on can,£75,mint.1 carbon fiber bolt on end can with yoshi sticker not sure of make but sounds great £55,1 pair of renthal bars blue,£17,1 pair of nissin 4 pot calipers serviced ,new seals ,pads,just bolt on,£90,genuine oil filter £5 1 set of ,25 ml jack up bones never used £15,still in packaging. 1 full colour service manual £10, finaly the bike is allso for sale,a bog standard mk1 1200 n in blue 17000 mls uk bike in very very good condition,owned for the last 5 years,i family owned previous to me,has to go ASAP as ive fallen in love with a kawasaki,£1500,long mot and tax,all the above are quite heavy to post so pick up would be best,thanx for looking sue
  7. marc looks about 11 years old!!!!!!!!
  8. ITS ARRIVED, AFTER BEING RELEASED FROM ROYAL MAIL PRISON,BECAUSE IT WAS 1.5MM TO FAT!!!!!!!,i finally got my badge today ,apparently,you cant post any thing thicker than 5mm THICK on a 1st class stamp,BUT THE COW IN THE OFFICE COULD NOT ANSWER,WHATS THE LONGEST LETTER (THIN) YOU COULD SEND?she just told me to move on?? RANT OVER BADGE ARIVED ALL FINE NOW THANX Sue
  9. was told to watch this by a friend of mine,who has just done this race,he is an avid follower of steve McQueen , it is a good watch if you are into retro racing.i dont know how to tell you how to watch it with all the u tube numbers, but if you type in ON ANY SUNDAY FULL MOVIE,its there ive just watched it.love SUE
  10. still not arrived some one has had it away,the thieving .
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