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  1. I have some on my TLS ,they are 2" higher,1" further forward and 1" wider and make the TL feel like its got mx bars fitted but without the hassle of cuting the fairing about, they make the bike so comfortable compared to standard.Highly recommended mod even at the full price,I think I paid nearly £200 about 6-7 years ago
  2. Definetly snap his hands and arms off before he changes his mind or sobers up
  3. On the daily mail website it says -5 overnight and not much warmer during the day til at least Wednesday
  4. Probably a daft newbie question then but is this a "bike of the month" or "picture of the month" thing ???
  5. My mates got a 950 smt and as for the TL mine feels like it has renthals fitted with the heli-bars fitted and my knees get a break cos I've jacked the subframe to give it an extra 2" lift at the tip of the tail. really comfy to ride and thrash about on.
  6. Careful Chad , Your starting to sound like my missus, she likes the way her SV1000 thuds and vibrates as well. Hope you dont mean for the same reasons I'm lucky I've still got this for my v-twin adventures
  7. You mean rduriders bandit from the states over on the bandit forum
  8. Spec list. Front End , TL1000R forks re-sprung using k-tech springs wrapped in black vinyl,gsxr slingshot mudguard (forks modded to fit),Bandit 1200 wheel,discs,calipers,EBC HH pads,braided lines,Spacers/sleeves made to mate forks to wheel,GSXR yokes with a spare yokes bosses welded under top yoke to increase fork length, Billet plugs in top yoke,standard risers,clocks with LED bulbs,Bandit M/cylinders with billet caps,Hong kong shorty levers,Bandit headlight with modified brackets and powdercoated bowl. Rear end Bandit swingarm with gsxr brace c/w chain guard welded to it,cbr600rr shock,rebuilt caliper,braided line,Aliminium torque arm,powdercoated bandit 1200 wheel,billet chain adjusters Frame Standard Bandit 1200 frame with Subframe removed and lugs welded on,frame delugged and tidied up, Rgv250 rearsets modified to fit with billet reservoir,SV650 pillion pegs modified to fit.All powdercoated gloss black Bodywork Japanese import CB1300 nose fairing,Bandit 1200 tank old seat unit lugs removed,race filler cap,Laverda 668/750 seat unit and subframe,stainless custom undertray,Bandit Bellypan Engine Standard Bandit engine ,painted gloss black fitted with ignition advancer ,braided breather hoses,Holeshot jet kit,K & N Dual pod filters,Akrapovic Headers and Linkpipe,Yoshimura carbon can,powder coated stainless oil cooler cover Electrics Dyna coils and tailor leads,modified loom excess wiring removed,allygator mini indicators Literally every bolt is now stainless,theres various brackets that have been manufactured. All work apart from the frame mods and powder coating has been done by me
  9. As god forbid I dared to mention that my bandit is slightly different I suppose I better stick a piccy up or two to satisfy the doubters . Boring old burgundy bandit change to something a whole lot more interesting
  10. Foz

    Hello Peoples :-)

    Yes but not any old bandit,mines special
  11. Foz

    Hello Peoples :-)

    as its good manners to say hello I thought I'd better stick my head in here so "Hello" a few of you on here will already know me from the bandit forum but dont hold that against me.
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