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  1. was a cracking lil ride out from mine (cramlington) upto Berwick via the coastal route, (past all the castles)then cuppa beside the river then over to jedburgh via kelso some gorgeous lil towns and roads, then another cuppa n p break, then a nice tootle home via otterburn then rothbury n home. absolutely gorgeous day in no hurry at all, left at 10 back around 4 brill
  2. well it started out with about a dozen pees now down to 2 maybe 3, but wat the hell I`m still gannin got a nice ride planned out upto Berwick via the coastal route, cuppa n pee break, then over to bonjedward, then otterburn then rothbury for another cuppa n pee break then back to mine via morpeth. looks like a crackin day so im off to get me gear on, see you`s out there, take care mik
  3. if you've got stuff planned not a problem just tryin to get a big squad together (may also annoy the arse next door but wat the hell) im gonna sign up for the rttw 2015 for def tho
  4. hi guys are there any guys from cramlington area, Northumberland havin me inaugural ride out on the 18th April was wonderin if anyone wants to join me got some other mates comin too was thinkin coastal route up to Berwick then maybe rothbury and back any takers mik
  5. Lonewolf

    newby here

    as of the 7th april I`m legal. didn't go out that day but pished instead.but the dat after yook the big un for a wee tootle about doon to the priory in whitley bay then over to see me mate. have planned my inaugural ride out on the 18th with a bunch o mates, haven't got a clue where we goin, probably Berwick via the coastal route, so I`ll give you all a nod as I pass
  6. Lonewolf

    newby here

    thanks guys for the kind words and the welcome will keep ye informed and hope to see you on the road (but not literally)
  7. Lonewolf

    newby here

    hi like all things in life I put off taking me bike test, that I should've taken 30 years ago, until recently well I did me CBT last year and got the bug again, so decided to do a direct access scheme, seemed like the best option. did my theory test nee bother, then me mod 1 which I got thru with a few minors, then me mod2, fluffed it the first time, cos I crossed the central reservation as I came round a corner. rebooked it then went to do it but they cancelled due to high winds, so rebooked again, and yes fluffed it again, got to close to a van (within 2 car lengths) so I have rebooked it again, but keeping it on the QT to save on embarrassment. I`m a 50 year old bloke who drives trains from Newcastle central station, got a Suzuki marauder 125 which I`m using to practice on, and a Yamaha 650 Dragstar sitting in the garage that I`m itching to ride. Another driver from EWS put me onto this site so here I am introducing meself.
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