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  1. As Status Posts go this is my first on this Platform.
    I seek to know and follow my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ every day.

  2. Michael

    Faith Tested

    When Faith is Tested. There are many in today's Post Truth Era that will sarcastically claim that Christians have no reason to complain about the way they are treated. Yet a quick scan of International News will show a World that is aggressively anti Christian. It has been recorded that on average 7 Christians die every day. This number is in reality just a tip of the proverbially iceberg. The true number of Christians tortured, enslaved or executed may in fact be 100 times that number. Yet there is little if any coverage by the news of this occurring. While for the most part many other religions are broadcast as being under attack. When have you found your Faith being Tested? Was it from someone you know personally? How did you it turn out for you and them? What would you do differently next time?
  3. Welcome to ForumsClub!

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    2. SLGray


      Ok.  Some you want to add a forum to your website?  This might not be want you are looking for.  Does the website you have a support forum?  If yes, they could help you with your question. 


      Or maybe this:  https://www.forumotion.com/

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      If you do create a forum with Forumotion, you can convert your forum to a club in the future.  Forumotion and here are the same company.

  4. Michael

    Bowenfels Presbyterian Church

    Photos of the Presbyterian Church located in South Bowenfels, NSW, Australia
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