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  1. General Information: Creator(s): Mjmannella Language(s): English Expansions Required: None Other Downloads Required: None Bugs (if any): Some users have reported young being adoptable, but this should be fixed now Extra Information: Credits (if any): Silesian Tomcat for icons; original adult textures; and gift, Tatanka Yotanka for the mesh Description (Optional): My favourite animal of all time. Appearance based on the World of Zoo depiction Number of Variants (if any): 1 variant for adult males and females Bonus Features: Public Domain? Yes Permission to Reupload? Yes Original Model? No Original Sounds? No Baby Variants? No Baby Model? Yes Zoopedia? Yes Forest Elephant -MJ.z2f
  2. Discord server hosted by The Restorers, a team of modders for Zoo Tycoon 2. The main specialty is mods that integrate smoothly with the vanilla game (more cartoon-like than realistic). Some notable members of the design team include Colonel Swampert (team leader and mesher), Mjmannella (coder, me), and Horse14t (texturer and restorer of the official Asiatic black bear). Click here to find a catalogue of downloads made by The Restorers. Invite Link
  3. If you have a forum, website, blog, Youtube channel, etc. you would like to share, you can here:  https://forumsclub.com/gc/128-link-directory/

    1. Marshall Mannella

      Marshall Mannella

      Are Discord Servers allowed to be shared?

    2. SLGray


      Yes, it would placed in the Misc. section,

  4. I have made mods for Planet Zoo.
  5. Download links are not working.
  6. Creator: Mjmannella Credits: Blue Fang Games for base assets, Horse14t for pellets icon, Hugo7 for the original coding, Lgcfm for animal icons, and Thom for coding and model editing Public Domain: Yes. The pack may also be re-hosted onto any other site. Requires: ZT2, ES, EA Language: English Bugs: Animation issues due to using unintended animations. zzz-Farm_Animals_Pack.z2f
  7. I fixed the tuna's placement issues. But the animal itself is still very buggy (moves only in a straight line and returns at a set distance, has no needs). Mediterranean_Pack.z2f
  8. I'm somewhat comfortable editing .xml files for animals. Otherwise I'm not much of a modder.
  9. My favourite animal is the African forest elephant.
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