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  1. Creator: Treebeard Original Creator: Tamara Henson Requires: EA + Lego's NEW biome system, and optionally the RR biome system (But not without Lego's!) Public Domain: Yes, as the original is. Language: English Bugs: A bug from the original biome I could not fix is that the rocks can NOT be selected. Description: Tamara Henson's classic Steppetundra biome, updated to fit within our current biome system so Ice Age animals/foliage can be placed in more accurate habitats than Tundra or Boreal Forest. The hack also fixes some bugs, and includes a hack moving the following original animals to the biome: Saber-toothed Cat, American Mastodon, Short-faced Bear, Aurochs, Giant Camel, Bush-antlered Deer, Cave Lion, and the Wooly Rhino. The biome changes were from the original file, excluding the Giant Camel and American Mastodon. Image: x999_Steppetundra_Biome.z2f
  2. Creator: Treebeard Original Creator: Many designers get credit for this pack. Credit goes to Hendrix/DinosaurMan for the original models for the squirrel, fox, and the coral snake. Credit goes to Tamara Henson for the edited snake model I used for the coral snake (originally for the Brazil pack's Red-tailed Boa,) as well as the fox and squirrel sound files. Thanks to the ABC team for the original fur seal mesh and texture and the weasel model. Hispa Designs created the original rattlesnake model. Dutch Designs gets credit for the penguin's model. Requires: ES, AA, MM and EA Public Domain: Yes, as long as you credit anyone mentioned above as well. Language: English only (Sorry!) Bugs: None, although occasionally the fox will flash white for a few seconds. Description: 8 new animals native to Argentina; from the rainforests to the Pampas, the beaches to the polar islands. Screenshots: Brazilian Squirrel Patagonian Gray Fox Southern River Otter South American Fur Seal Painted Coral Snake Cascavel (A subspecies of Tropical Rattlesnake) King Penguin Patagonian Weasel COTW_Argentina.z2f
  3. Creator/Designer/Author: Treebeard Original Creator: Tamara Henson Requires: ES, AA, MM, EA, RR Biomes Public Domain: Yes, except for the Bajii. Language: English Bugs: None Description/Information/Notes: Moves animals from the older COTW packs to more accurate biomes from the new Radical Remake system. Comes in two parts; replace the old Z2Fs. Screenshot: Bearded Seal.z2f Black-headed Monitor.z2f Common Wombat.z2f Glacier Bear.z2f Japanese Otter.z2f Mountain Lion.z2f Pakicetus.z2f Western Horned Tragopan.z2f x999_Kodiak Bear.z2f zzzzSpirit Bear.z2f zzzz-whalbit-baiji.z2f
  4. General Information: Creator: Treebeard Language(s): English Expansions Required: EA + AA + ES + Wild New World + Walking With Dinosaurs + HENDRIX's Incisivosaurus and/or Caudipteryx (for the location) Bugs (if any): None, but it shouldn't reproduce. Extra Information: Credits (if any): HENDRIX, Eryel, Zerosvalmont Description: An extinct large spider, the only known species of it's kind. Two specimens are known, a male and a female, killed by a volcanic eruption. Bonus Features: Public Domain? ✓ Original Models? X Original Sounds? X Baby Variants? X Baby Model? X Zoopedia? ✓ -Made with Zoozanne! -Correctly under the "Jurassic" filter. -Has a skin based off of multiple modern orbweavers, of which Mongolarachne was once thought to be a species of. Mongolarachne.zip
  5. Creator/Designer/Author: Treebeard Original Creator: Tamara Henson Requires: Extinct Animals + Marine Mania: + Endangered Species + WWD + EE Public Domain: Yes Language: English Bugs: None Description: A brown/polar bear intermediate of epic proportions from the Pleistocene, now back to amaze your guests! Screenshot: TyrantPolarBear_Treebeard.z2f
  6. DEMO Creator/Designer/Author: Treebeard Original Creator: DM and -JimmyHoopz- Requires: ES Public Domain: Yes. Language: English Bugs: N/A Description: The demo for the Warriors pack; bringing a filter and Firestar, the legendary ThunderClan leader, to your zoo. Screenshot: Warriors_Demo.z2f
  7. Name of Download: Zoo Tycoon 2: Warrior Cats- Teaser, Firestar Creator: Neonraptor Original Creator: Based off of -JimmyzHoopz-'s Jungle Cat Language: English Expansions Required: Endangered Species Bugs: It says his location is Central Africa. Credits: Hendrix for the model. Description: Fire alone will save our Clan. This teaser for Zoo Tycoon 2: Warrior Cats contains one animal- Firestar! Number of Variants: 0 Public Domain? No Original Model? No Original Sounds? No Baby Variants? No Baby Model? Yes Zoopedia? Yes Note: The picture displays a bug of a black line being on his forehead, I fixed it, so good ol' Rusty won't have it ingame. _____________________________________________________ Firestar.z2f
  8. Albertosaurus Variant Mini-pack Note: The pictures only show my variants, not UT2's default one. This does not require UT2's version, if you have it, replace it with this one. Creator: UT2, I just made variants. Credits: UT2 Public domain: Ask UT2 about the overall animal, no for my variants. XP needs: Endangered Species, Extinct Animals Languages: English Bugs: None known, if you find any contact UT2. Description: One of the more well-known theropods, now with color variety! zzzZzZzZ_AlbertosaurusUT2.z2f
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