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Countries of the World: Argentina

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Creator: Treebeard

Original Creator: Many designers get credit for this pack. Credit goes to Hendrix/DinosaurMan for the original models for the squirrel, fox, and the coral snake. Credit goes to Tamara Henson for the edited snake model I used for the coral snake (originally for the Brazil pack's Red-tailed Boa,) as well as the fox and squirrel sound files. Thanks to the ABC team for the original fur seal mesh and texture and the weasel model. Hispa Designs created the original rattlesnake model. Dutch Designs gets credit for the penguin's model.

Requires:  ES, AA, MM and EA

Public Domain: Yes, as long as you credit anyone mentioned above as well.

Language: English only (Sorry!)

Bugs: None, although occasionally the fox will flash white for a few seconds.

Description: 8 new animals native to Argentina; from the rainforests to the Pampas, the beaches to the polar islands.


Brazilian Squirrel

Patagonian Gray Fox

Southern River Otter

South American Fur Seal

Painted Coral Snake

Cascavel (A subspecies of Tropical Rattlesnake)

King Penguin

Patagonian Weasel


Edited by SLGray

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