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General Information:
Creator: Treebeard
Language(s):  English
Expansions Required: EA + AA + ES + Wild New World + Walking With Dinosaurs + HENDRIX's Incisivosaurus and/or Caudipteryx (for the location)
Bugs (if any): None, but it shouldn't reproduce.

Extra Information:
Credits (if any): HENDRIX, Eryel, Zerosvalmont
Description: An extinct large spider, the only known species of it's kind. Two specimens are known, a male and a female, killed by a volcanic eruption.

Bonus Features:
Public Domain?  ✓
Original Models? X
Original Sounds? X
Baby Variants? X
Baby Model?  X
Zoopedia? ✓

-Made with Zoozanne!
-Correctly under the "Jurassic" filter.
-Has a skin based off of multiple modern orbweavers, of which Mongolarachne was once thought to be a species of.


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