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  1. Puddles means that when the game attempts to spawn a baby Masiakasaurus after it hatches from the egg, the game crashes. I looked through the mod files, and the problem seems to be that the young .xml file attempts to call for a .bfm file that doesn't exist.
  2. The download link on ZTDC is kaput. I verified the download hosted here at UMC myself and it's the one in the render, and not the screenshot.
  3. The image for this download is misleading, as the animal looks like the render here and not the one in the post.
  4. The attachments for this article appear to be incorrect, as they are identical to the American lion made by the same author
  5. Download link for the Icadyptes
  6. Are you sure Zooa made an Elasmotherium? The images here are quite similar to the download made by Octavio17493.
  7. The download link is no longer working
  8. The download link is no longer working
  9. The download link is no longer working
  10. The download link for this mod is not functioning
  11. Trying to use this download link redirects to this very post, even though it should have much different contents.
  12. General Information: Creator: Badisbadis101, Kyle Hilberg, SilesianTomcat, and TurtleStork Language: Expansions Required: AA, MM Downloads Required: None Bugs: None known. Please let me know if there are any bugs found! Extra Information: Credits: None Description: Several animals from Africa. Includes the African forest buffalo, Tanganyika jellyfish, Nile lechwe, Cape clawless otter, spot-necked otter, and red river hog. Rehosting on UMC with permission from SLGray. Bonus Features: Public Domain? Unspecified Original Model? Red river hog model is unique Original Sounds? No Baby Variants? No Baby Model? No Zoopedia? Yes Reskins and Variants: None of these animals have variants Hacks: Adjusted product filter of animals in the file. Added sounds to the forest buffalo. Other Additions: Badisbadis101 filter added. Z-African River Pack.z2f
  13. General Information: Creator: Worldwide Designers United (WWDU) - Ailurus, JohnZTMaster, Kangorilaphant, Octavio1793, Realy, and Warrior Bat Language: English Expansions Required: ES, AA Bugs: None Extra Information: Credits: JohnVM for having the download available Description: A pack containing several farm animals, foliage, and buildings. More animals were planned before the pack stopped development. Reuploading with SLGray's permission Bonus Features: Public Domain? Unspecified Original Model? Yes Original Sounds? Yes Baby Variants? No Baby Model? Yes Zoopedia? Yes Permission to Reupload? Unspecified Reskins and Variants: The shire horse and mallard duck have 1 variant, the border collie has 2, the Suffolk sheep has 3, the donkey, Nubian goat, and llama have 4 Hacks: None Other Additions: I included a product filter for this pack since it originally didn't have one. LazyRanch.z2f
  14. Florida Giant Tortoise General Information: Creator(s): Mjmannella Language(s): English Expansions Required: EA, ES Other Downloads Required: None Bugs (if any): None known. Please let me know if more are found! Extra Information: Credits (if any): Blue Fang for base model and texture Description (Optional): A large species of extinct tortoise found in Florida (also known as Hesperotestudo crassiscutata). It's seldom mentioned in media so I decided to make a mod for it! Number of Variants (if any): N/A Bonus Features: Public Domain? Yes Permission to Reupload? Yes Original Model? No Original Sounds? No Baby Variants? No Baby Model? Yes Zoopedia? Yes FloridaGiantTortoise-MJ.z2f
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