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  1. I am praying for past five years for my education and till now i am empty handed. god in a dream showed me i got it. when i went to take it my stream of choice was not available, it was already taken up. so i had to take something else which i dont want to. i told the institution that i will surender it. they said come back to us on 30th may, but chances are almost nil that you will get it. i was shattered and again prayed and lord showed me steps leading up. recently an unbeliever friend i had whom i lost contact 5 yrs ago mailed me saying he saw me in a dream pursuing higher education exactly in the field i wanted to. he actually doesnt even know that i was wanting that field. i dont know what to do. all my contemporaries have finished studying and doing jobs. I AM THE ONLY PERSON LEFT OUT AND TRYING FOR 5 YRS. I have people dependent on me i dont know what to do. please pray that somehow god does a miracle for me and save me THANK YOU GUYS FOR YOUR VALUBLE PRAYERS
  2. please pray for me. i am writing my exam on jan 10th indian time . i dont have the ability to clear this exam and if i have to clear it lord has to write it on my behalf. i need to get through this exam at any cost. otherwise i will have to wait one more year.i already i am 3 yrs behind my friends. please pray lord writes it on my behalf. thank you. danny
  3. hello, i have certain questions to ask regarding dreams and visions. please kindly answer them 1) can devil show you bible in dreams 2) can devil show you a dream asking you to wait and pray regarding an issue 3) can god change his plans after asking you to wait and pray after he has asked you to pray for an issue and saying its right for you thank you everybody who ever reads this questionaire
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