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  1. Thanks for your input, I guess we all agree that prayer is the one answer!
  2. Hello all and thanks for this great help, this is a burning in my heart because not only I am one of them but also that I see women' lifes not been fulfilled. Unfortunately, in our local congregation the needs for single women/men are not being addressed, and most of the topics are directed to families in which most of singles feel out of place. I am praying for this issue. What i think is even more serious is the fact that we are living in an environment in which so much fear had been put over singles in terms of marriage that these people are like ice. We are being put aside, and I have noticed a trend. Because of the fear, singles have either meet someone desperately, and married almost inmediately for fear to be part of the non-married group or either go to the world, pick a guy, marry and suffer for the rest of their lifes. I hear ideologies that are not bible based, for i believe what the bible says about man, "it is not good for man to be alone". Also, I understand that we have a sovereign God whom he selects few to be single and separate for his service only. It is sad that including me, in our places, many of our females are sitting there without any hope, some of them have resignated to believe that is not God's will for them to be married. Many fear and misinformation have made them scare enough to even strive to know someone. Please help how can we be educated in such a guy we understand God's principle & will for our lives in terms of marriage? ... considering some of us have never been married, but we dont have a good experience with marriages around us (our parents), and some of them have been abandoned, cheated by their husbands?
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