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  1. thanks again, your right as of now, nothing makes sense!! I dont feel a pull tug here or there. I'm just well here (sigh) so I press forward and trust God for the best. I know he's with me and will guide me each step of the way.
  2. Thank you Heleadsme, I really needed that! A strong pulling to somewhere...
  3. I am UNMOTIVATED and have applied for only 1 job.... I dont know if its God's will for me to stay here in Austin and if so, with the university... I'm just like bla.....I dont want to move back to Houston either So can everyone just pray that i would have incentive and God would direct me in the right path. thanks!!!
  4. Thank you Temi. Awesome how the Lord works because before I napped earlier, I prayed, interceded and held fast to the word of God and this scripture is exactly what I prayed. Blessings.
  5. All, I have been dealing off and on with a sinus infection. In May I had a surgery for my deviated septum and there is a 85% success rate, well since my follow up, I still have minor infection and its inflamed to around my nasal area. God has been USING me tremendously this last week and I never like to give credit to the enemy but I sense this may be an attack from him to get me off path but it wont!!!! Jesus Christ has won the battle already and I wont give up. Enemy knows how to attack me in 2 areas, my finances and sickness but not this time> So PLEASE pray for me when you remember. Thanks and God Bless, Stephani from Austin, TX
  6. [quote="Heleadsme"]Hello Chica, First...tell me...what kind of doggy is that you got there? I"m thinking of getting a new one as my old faithful dog passed away this last April. My 8 month old puppy is half chihuahua half poodle ;) and i love her LOTS
  7. Well currently I do amin work but the JOB that I'm REALLY REALLY interested in is working with middle school students in which I would be the liason between the parents, students and school because of the language barrier. I would be the one to help translate from Spanish to English. Its a program director position. So who knows... I'm applying for other jobs too but my heart and desire would be to get this job. It would be a God sent if it happened. I love helping people and am blessed to speak a second language fluently.
  8. oh WOW :huh2: ....Ok thanks. I want to stay here in Austin but only God knows whats best
  9. you mean moving back home? Or a suitcase - businesswoman??
  10. Good Morning everyone!!! I just found out last week that my job title will be eliminated effective AUgust 31st. If you could please pray for me to find another job and that God's will be done.... As to stay here in Austin or move back home to Houston. Blessings, Stephani
  11. Blessings Cholette :) thanks for your words of encouragement... I am doing a lot better than yesterday or the day before.
  12. I'm glad ya'll were blessed by this
  13. I'm going to pray because settling seems like it will be difficult for me as I began my 6th group this week!! I'm nervous and scared honestly to committ :( after being let down so much. I feel from grace this weekend AGAIN because of my lack of accountability or having a mentor... I wont go into details but my weakness since the divorce has been my sexuality and I can't seem to shake it off. :blushing: and it seems like its a day or 2 before I repent and move on. I know to repent means to do a 180 (to turn away from) and yet I find myself returning to the dogs vomit :duhh: and her I am starting from square number one. I have been attacked by the enemy so much in the last month that I thought I would have a nervous breakdown at some point and its been mainly financial but also spiritual BIG time. So, I pray that I wont have my walls up to the sky with this small group and that I can invite, be open and let them into my world. I need to cut/axe the roots of the same sins I keep struggling with because obviously I keep falling into the same ones over and over. Case and point, I NEED community and for the last year I feel so guilty and horrible at times for talking more about my faith than actually living it out, like a pharisee almost :sarcastic: and this is how i feel the enemy is with me every time I fall. PLEASE pray for me when you remember, for Stephani in Austin, Tx... Only GOd knows what I need to be healed and delivered from this sin that captivates and holds me bondage in my own right. I waited patiently for the Lord to help me, and he turned to me and heard my cry. ~ Psalm 40:1, NLT I dont want to go through the motions......
  14. So next week I'm going to start attending another small group and I pray this one will last for a while!!!
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