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  1. oh i've researched it extensively but i've hit so many contradictions that i have to ask these things.
  2. how do you know if you have a soul tie? what are the symptons?
  3. he's missin in action in the 'Encouragement' department. he NEVER misses an oppurtunity to scrutinize me...i feel like he's going to physically devour me...he just always has a look of disgust and/or anger on his face whenever he talks to me. it's ironic...how will i EVER be competent with all his abuse and he's lavished upon me since i was a child?
  4. what is the point of me looking for a job now if my dad is just going to stop me ever so often to help him with some deadbeat fruitless chore? i've been doing this for YEARS...since i was little. just having MY day declared FOR ME by my dad. how would you feel?
  5. would a "soul tie" prevent someone from having ANY kind of success? would it be powerful enough to prevent one from gaining employment, meeting new people, etc...?
  6. You know this, yet in still you quit school. Were you failing? Were you unable to pay for it (i.e. grants, scholarships, loans..etc.)? Stop blaming God. If you are seeking God for answers; did He tell you to quit school? no He did not tell me to quit school...He never told me to go either...I NEVER had the desire to go to school... not everyone has the desire to go to school... i know of alot of people my age who are MAKING IT without school... and NO! i did NOT get a job today either...
  7. yes, i quit school yesterday. it was in-class. school's not important, finding ADEQUATE employment is important. i have to make a certain amount of money to be able to live on my own...that's just common sense. again, is THIS what GOD wants me doing? WHAT DOES GOD WANT ME TO DO?!?! when NOBODY is hiring or an employer TURNS ME DOWN even when they ARE hiring...it makes me wonder what god REALLY wants.
  8. will i ever find anything? would God CONTINUE to let me produce nothing of my life?
  9. i've been looking for employment. i'm sick of never finding anything.
  10. hello. no, i haven't found employment yet. i hate doing this, am i supposed to STRIVE like this to find such a basic commodity in life like a job?
  11. well i quit school. i know one thing though...i need God's forgiveness for my rabbid sins i commited last night...i won't go into detail. just taking advantage of God's grace. i feel so stupid.
  12. if you don't mind, could you share to me all of the dreams you've had of him? you can send them Privately.
  13. i know you haven't tried contacting him as of yet... if you can...should do so now...i wouldn't tell him about your dreams though... and the REASON you should contact him now is just to feel him out, see if your dreams are REALLY what you believe they are. just ask him certain questions... 1. what are you doing with your life now? 2. what are your planning for the future? etc... i have done this recently and i am at peace now with what i've discovered.
  14. is it possible to receive a dream from God and NEVER discover its meaning...you'd go to your grave without EVER knowing its meaning?
  15. hello, you said you broke up with this gentleman? is this the same person you've been talking about on here?
  16. hello, i really don't know how to answer that question and here's why... when i was in highschool, it NEVER once came to my mind what i should do or wanted to do afterwards, i didn't think about it... and as a result, i can't now either...
  17. today, i had what i hope to be the LAST fight i EVER have with my dad. today was the worst. my dad got on to me for NOT going to school this week...i'm not a child...i'm 21 years old...i NEVER wanted to go to college...my dad MADE me. yes, my abusive father has MADE me and RULED OVER ME all of my life. it's gotten proggresively worse these last 3 years... my dad is the SINGLE MOST destructive force in my life... he is a psycho...he WON'T let me be independent...he WON'T let me live my own life...he WON'T let me make my own decisions(no matter what it's for)...he WON'T even let me make my own mistakes. i have been praying and crying today...as i have been for the past 3 years but even more than that. i want to be FREE of this man... i want to be FREE of my lacking. COMPLETE and PRECIOUS freedom. my dad has made another ultimatum...get a FULL TIME JOB/GO TO SCHOOL or GET OUT! it is so hard to find a job. i need God's LOVING deliverance.
  18. would God EVER desire something and NOT tell the people involved first?
  19. i TRUELY believe i have figured out my dreams... that i will NOT re-unite with her... but i keep getting this annoying nagging feeling like i'm wrong... and it WON'T go away.
  20. seriously, oh my god, i'm having a panic attack right now. i just have NO PEACE over this situation. i don't know what to do.
  21. yes pray that strongholds be broken. when we were together...she and myself said things that we really didn't mean..."i love you..." etc... i remember one day she randomly mentioned something about marriage and we had never previously discussed it at all. even our mothers *DECLARED* that we should and even would get married...just nonchalantly saying things. an innocent mistake...but something that God takes very seriously apparently. so there's past emotions that need to be buried.
  22. please pray for my ex. she's holding on by a thin thread *waiting for God.* pray that her desire is fulfilled soon and i can finally put to rest the past. thank you.
  23. but i'm 21 years old. i have a car payment every month. everyday, i sit at home and do NOTHING...that's NOT what people my age should be doing. i know someone is going to come in here and WITHOUT READING anything i've said, brazingly come out and say "then go get a job..." I'VE ALREADY TRIED AND TRIED AND TRIED AND TRIED AND TRIED AND TRIED SOME MORE!!! no success.
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