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  1. Hi All! I am asking for prayer for my family. I am also asking prayer so that I will be granted a deeper and powerful experience with God. Please keep me lifted up in prayer to the father. God Bless!
  2. Thank you for your prayers! God Bless each and everyone of you that have lifted my family up to the father in prayer. I pray God's continue blessings over your life. I thank God for his intercessors who will pray the will of the Father and it not afraid to pray for the "overtaken" brother and sister in Christ. God Bless!!!!
  3. God bless u my sister! Know that it is the Lord's will that you have peace. Only Jesus can provide this peace that you need. Father, in Jesus name I pray for peace right now in the mist of her storm. Jesus, we are reminded of how the disciple got all worked up becuase they could not understand how you could sleep while they were in the midst of a storm. Jesus, you are In Control of our Storm. Debt, credit cards, and bill collectors are all controlled by you.Father, we lift up the blood of Jesus over her finances, and we cancel the spirit of debt! Thank you Jesus that you paid the price for our debt. Thank you Holy spirit for this precious sister, I ask Father God in Jesus name that you will reveal your purpose and plan for her life. Fill her with all spiritual wisdom in this area. Your word says that you are a rewarder of those who are dilligently seeking you. Holy Spirit, empower her to be faithful over what you have given her. and last but now least, I pray for her friends mother. Holy sprit add her to your church. Give her the faith to believe on the death, burial and ressurection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! If your friend's mother believe on the finish work on Calvary- she is saved. Ask the Holy Spriit to cover you with the blood of Christ, continue to pray and trust in what Christ has already done for us believers. The Holy Spirit is faithful to do the work that is needed in your heart to draw you closer to the Father. God bless
  4. Hello All! I new here. I found this forum while searching for answers to a dream I had the other night. I would like to ask for prayer for my 18 year old son. Im praying that God will protect him. He is selling drugs and using ectasy pills. Also, I am asking for protection from a former spouse. He was once very physically abusive and Im asking that you all touch and agree with me that the Holy Spirit will protect my childeren and I from any and all possible physical harm from this man. God Bless U all and Thank you
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