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  1. I thought that God said that only as a law he gave to Israel... If it's His law I'll believe it for me too!! A chief mover with Sicilian moving company stole a huge jar of euro's and dollars and also a few hundred $ in travelers checks all of it worth almost to over a thousand dollars!!! A thief stole 5 boxes of valuable and sentimentals from me.
  2. WOw!!! I was so angry about that event... I didn't hear that it was a flop though!!! THank you Yahweh for hearing us!!!! I've been praying for the muslim's salvation every night for several weeks!!!
  3. Dove, I'm also from Oklahoma, Norman specifically. I have been on a quest for the truth for the past 11 years. There is so much tradition in Oklahoma that really hinders knowing who Yahweh, and Jesus really are, and what grace is truly about. Oklahoman's are tough minded and it takes a real miracle from God to get them to see that what they are teaching in church is not all from God.
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