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  1. The dream interpretaion is Dogs and Unclear water-posted by seekinghisface09. Thanks
  2. I can tell that this is an issue that has been dealt with before. I would like to ask you to take a look at a dream I posted in Dream Interpretation. It is titled Dogs and Pond water - I think. This is another reason I wanted prayer. Oftentimes people are hurt from leadership in the church, and they are wounded sheep. They speak against authority in the church and they drop out. I believe that this is a case where God is showing me that no man is perfect, and His word says, it is better to obey God, and not man. This is where I will have to truly lean and depend on God as I walk closely with this person-or the next person. I believe if I was close to either of you, I would find something that I disagreed with...as you would do the same for me. I think this is a one on one with God and me. I do love to hear your input. I continue to solicit your unbiased counsel and prayers-not of feelings-but Godly wisdom founded upon the word of God. Thank you as always, it is a pleasure. Be blessed.
  3. I have had a lot of great teaching from this person. When members leave-and they just leave...it seems as though they go through bad things. On one hand I feel okay, but then on the other hand I am worried. This is bothering me. Please pray with me. I would never put my mouth on this person because I believe that he is a God sent man. I am sometimes reminded that "I can go behind the veil for myself". I had a dream the other week- 1 was I was told by the Pastor- I was sitting in the congregation and I was told "eventually you will leave". Then I dreamed about 2 nights later that I was the Pastor's mistress. I could hear "Woe is the one.... couldn't understand, but it was like a warning. I couldn't put it together. About 2 nights ago I dreamed of dogs coming after me--the pastor had unleash the dogs to clean the house. I also dream of someone forcing me to drink dirty pond water with tadpoles in it. I could taste the water. I ran to a higher place and the dog, a rottweiler jumped up almost to my level. I ran upstairs to warn others and the same man that tried to make me drink the water, tried to do it again, and told me to be quiet before I wake the baby....Please help. Keep me in prayer.
  4. well, I started becoming uncomfortable. i been here for several years. I do feel a sort of bondage. To give an example, oftentimes the congregation is told that they better do everything that the Pastor is saying, because he is hearing straight from God. The pastor is gifted in the prophetic and flows fluently. No accountability except for God. Controls everything, we are basically told certain things we have to do. This person is a great person, not bad at all. They are giving and all. A lot of the prophetis comes to pass. When I say how much control does God give man? Would God give man so much control that the only way that people can come out is by obeying something some one else says. This person claims to have more revelation...I am so confused, because I have been told that if we even question the authority God would deal with us. This person talks about money a lot. Told us to double our tithes..If we don't pay tithes we go through hell and high water, and we basically can not serve. An array of things. When I come around, I feel that God is going to show him how I am feeling and that I am questioning some things, because it is like "God shows him everything!!!" and I feel so scared when I am around, or afraid that I will mess up. I feel bad when I don't give enough...
  5. I am asking for prayer because I need clarity. I know that God is not the author of confusion concerning the ministry I am in. I have an uneasiness in my spirit. I am restless. I wonder how much authority does God gives a pastor over the congregation? I am not trying to be messy. I have a sincere request. I am going to post this for discussion. Thank you
  6. Thanks for the insight. A lot of the battle has to do with my spouse. Family moving in could not be avoided. The person did not bring the bible into my house-I have a family member married to someone who had the demonic lit. I am continually praying and anointing over my house, etc and family members. I have had a breakthrough in peace. The Lord revealed to me that I should not be watching scary movies. Although I am at liberty do a lot of things, all things are not beneficial to me. I love scary movies, but I obeyed and I haven had any problems lately with sleeping. As far as the lethargy, I was not praying as I should at the time and left my spirit open to what was happening around me. I have a bipolar relative who has been abused and a relative that gets very depressed and has suicidal thoughts plus an alcoholic spouse- All of which sometimes become very lazy and lethargic-sleeps a lot. I was not interceding as I should have been so I left my spirit opened. I was delivered from all of those-except I was not the bi polar- just very depressed, and those spirit has tried to come in again. But God revealed it to me, and I have victory. Thanks
  7. Reepromotions, Your post prompt me to write a post. I just wanted to share..I remember the times I have seen the little black things shooting accross the floor-in my halls, or flashing by me. I have also witnessed the huge appearances -seeming to be angels-but were not, and the witches and little demonic things. I would always plead the blood of Jesus-claim the promises of the blood-stand on the authority of Jesus. They hate the blood and the cross- and anoint my house, open windows, etc. I would go into prayer in my heavenly language and God would reveal the source. It would usually manifest itself quickly. I realized that one of the greatest trick is to make you afraid-when it is really afraid of the power of God in you. Many people think that it is unreal-but I am a witness- the dark world is real-but no power to us who are in Christ. We wrestle not against flesh and blood. God has opened your spiritual eyes to the dark world and He would not have you ignorant of satan's devices. Stay in your word. Remember we overcome the enemy by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony (which is Jesus Christ). We speak Jesus-God-His Word. AMen
  8. Thanks, all of waht you all said agrees with my spirit. I have been anointing my home. I know what it is. It is like when you are the only one in your household that is doing what the Lord wants and everyone else wants to do their own thing. I know exactly what it is. Dreamster-I have experienced a lot of that and I know that it is because I have a couple of family members operating in that spirit and everytime I speak with them or go around, I feel the attacks. It is startling. Also someone in my family used to read a demon bible. I know that I have to continue to anoint everything around me, including my children. I also know that I have to step up my prayer life. I started getting laxed. THanks for the insight.
  9. Reading the last post prompted me to write. It was about seeing the shadow. It think Reepromotions wrote in. A couple of nights ago I was asleep and I was suddenly awaken when I saw a figure standing over me. I normally sleep on the edge of the bed, but I manage to push myself on my husbands side of the bed awakening him. He asked did I have some caffeine, I told him, no. I noticed my heart beating extremely fast. I sensed that it could only be a demonic presence in my house. Also I read somewhere in the response to Reepromotions about coming home and feeling tired. About a month -I began to feel extremely tired- I hated-dreaded coming to my house. I have some other family members living at my house. But there has been an unsettling spirit in my house. Please pray with me concerning these things. I have been involved in a lot of spiritual warfare lately. Is anyone familiar with feeling sick when you have been in the presence of someone with a jezebel spirit? Lots going on please pray with me.
  10. Thank you so much for the amazing ideas!!!!
  11. One step at a time. All of what you are going through is process like you said. Process involves steps. He who has begun the great work in you, will complete it. Follow Him. I pray that you seek Him first, and His righteousness. Everything is going to be alright. However, do not try to take on more than you were meant to handle. Prioritize, because all of this is a new beginning. Jesus said that His yoke is easy and His burden is light. I sense that you are trying to be and do too much for the people who have supported you. Take delight, all is well. You are in the perfect will of God. Step back and let Him lead. God knows your heart. Whatever God has for you, I promise you will not leave this earth unfulfilled. So all is in His timing, not ours. Blessing and favor upon you. Stay encouraged. You are in the will of God.
  12. I have been doing this for almost 20 years. It is not fulfilling for me. I have been threatened. I dread going into the job. I am not the kind of person that is just going and not doing my job- I do the job to the best of my ability. I cry almost every morning because it is so unfulfilling. Many have suggested that I teach a different age group, but I no longer want to teach children. I feel like such a failure. I have been going through this for years, and I feel terrible because I should be grateful I have a job. I would never mistreat a child or not do my job, but the abuse we take from administrators and parents is just not fair. For years I have wanted to leave, but I wonder if God is telling me I should leave? Is my light gone out? I know that as teachers we get burned out easily...but it is not a passion for me, I don't desire to do it...Idon't feel fruitful. I don't wake up saying -yeaahhh!!!! I wake up crying. Now I know that it sould like I am complaining. I should be grateful..........right. That's why I feel so bad.
  13. I agree all of the things you have said are true. Virtuous, thank you for all of the scripture background. I do believe that is generational. If you have children, you do not want this curse to follow your children. You have to put an end. Yes, it is important that the person has to want to come out of this bondage. It is a deeper issue, but once you fall into that hole, it is hard to come out especially if you constantly dwell there. Only God can free you. I am sure that many of us before we got save and turned our lives over to Christ we participated in things that were not acceptable, so even as a Christian now, one can still be tempted, but we have to bring our mind under subjection to the word of God...wow... Pray for marriages, pray for singles...
  14. I agree. Do you believe that God would frown on divorce for those grounds? Just curious. I know he hates divorce.
  15. I have questions for discussion. What do you think about spouses addiction to pornography? do you think it is a form of adultery? Do you think it leads to adultery? What does God say about this? Should marriages end because of these addictions? How does it affect the other spouse? How long should a person put up with it? What if your spouse has adultereous activities? Should you divorce? How much is too much? You don't have to answer all. Answer what you like. Open for discussion.
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