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  1. Oh wow, D! You are so blessed! May you never know the pain of having a loved one reject our wonderful Savior on their death bed!
  2. Finally! A testimony about God vindicating when one doesn't try to stick up for ones self! Maybe I can make it through those times as they crop up.
  3. Praise God!!! I love how God comforts us
  4. Ok, here's something interesting. A little short background. My husband WILL be saved, in Jesus name Amen!! I've been asking God for an outcome of this situation, in a dream. But I haven't been having any dreams about it. A few minutes ago I told my husband about the papers not getting turned in by the requested date for the HAP (Home Assistance Program) for the short sale we did for the house. I got an email today from her and by what she said it seems to me that she overlooked the time that it was sent in. Ok, so onto my husband. Before I told him, because I didn't want him to speak curses over this situation, he told me about a dream he had last night that he said was really cool! Here's the dream: I needed to go to the ATM and I was on foot and there was a line of cars. I ran ahead of the cars and I wanted to get there before a car was about to pull up, so I ran as fast as I could and made it. I swiped my card and all that and the ATM kept giving me tons of money. A half a million dollars! And I was worried that I needed to turn it in because it could have been a mistake. I was wondering if I would get to keep 10% as a finders fee which would be 50,000$. When he told me his dream, it brought to mind the HAP money. Then I decided to tell him about what went down.
  5. Thank you Thank you Cholette and anyone who did pray God is good!!!
  6. Thank you Father and I'm sorry for not having listened to you when you were telling me I needed to check my email. Father I ask you give me your peace that passes all understanding Father you made the sun stand still twice and I'm asking you turn this around for me for your Glory. Today is the 2nd and the papers were due yesterday and I only got them emailed at 2 this morning. Father I know you can move the earth for me. Thank you Father for being the mover of mountains that no man can move. In the name Yeshua Messiah, Amen!!
  7. My heart goes out to you Jasmine. Something that I've been doing is everytime a dark or unGodly thought pops into my mind, I rebuke that thought in the Name of Jesus and I plead the blood of Jesus over mind. Sometimes the thoughts will capture me and won't let go until I realize what's going on and shake myself out of it and rebuke it. Think on things that God has done for you, like if you saw a cool animal or something like that, I believe it's a gift from God :) Those thoughts are attacking me less and less but I know they probably won't stop completely, but they will flee in the Name of Jesus.
  8. It's been a while!! We've been REALLY BUSY!!! We've been home to see the family and went back to our home to immediately get ready for the arrival of the movers to pack our house up!! The day before we pcs (move) God SOLD the house!!! The enemy had been trying up to the Very last minute to keep the house from selling!!! When my son and I were visiting family I was trying to get hold of my husband one day and it was very urgent. Every time I would start to mention the mortgage company the phone would start crackling so I couldn't hear my husband. That happened 6 times but I could not plead the Blood of Jesus with him on the phone and I decided to do it in my head! As SOON as I plead the blood of Jesus, the phone connection cleared and I could tell him what the bank needed. I knew right then and there that this battle really was of the enemy. My husband had not told me about a home equity loan that we had with our bank. We had assumed that our bank who we went through to get our mortgage would know about the loan. Well turns out the right hand didn't know what the left hand was doing and they apologized and said it has been a problem before and they are trying to resolve it. Well, we were trying to do the short sale and all parties had to OK the price. The selling price was already lower than the mortgage company wanted to go but they didn't really have a choice because the house wasn't selling. My realtor had to provide proof of other houses selling just as low and also give the reasons why the house price should be lowered. The thing I was trying to relay to my husband was that, that day was the expiration date for the house to sell and the left hand(the home equity loan bank) (as opposed to the right hand, the mortgage company, it's complicated) hadn't approved yet the price and mortgage company said they weren't going to extend the date. My realtor found a loop hole (well, I wish I could remember the dynamics of everything but it's so complicated and I've been so busy). Well, so a few weeks later home equity loan bank finally got off their behind and approved the sale, mortgage company approved of giving even more money out of their already too low sale money to the home equity loan. So, the day before we left the house sold!!! If only you could have heard and seen how all this went down!! Only God did this. What a mess and God had it all in His hands, working through all the little details. My realtor lost potential clients to sell this house!! God is bigger than the banks, bigger than the mortgage companies, bigger than anyone's NO. I don't know why the guy who bought the house changed his mind. He had put an offer on the house before and then withdrew it. It's been over a month now since the house sold and we've moved into a rental house off post. I have found distant relatives that I never knew about and our credit score gone up 50 points from the sale of the house. About the relatives... I had found someone on FB that I knew I was related to, while we were still at the duty station we just left. I had been talking to him for a while and that day that we started talking, I decided to start a family reunion group! He told me that his mom and dad lives in the same city that we had pcsed (10 minutes from post) from previously (and he lives in a different city in that state) and I told him that we were going to be pcsing back!! Well, we're "here" now and now that we are settled into a house I let him know that we're ready to get together!! So, excited!! Yesterday was that get together day and he finally tells me where they live just after I told him where I live!! This is one of those stories... He tells me they live just 5 minutes from me, practically in the same neighborhood!!! Can you believe that?! I don't even have to leave my neighborhood and I could even ride a bike to their house
  9. I miss you too and everyone!!
  10. I miss you and everyone too to you and everyone!!
  11. Connie, Daisy, everyone, the offer fell through. My realtor emailed me back and let me know that the buyer couldn't wait any longer for our lender to approve his offer. I am disappointed but it was in the back of my mind that God could chose to answer in this way. God closes the doors that hurt us and open the doors that are good for us, that are better. Please pray that God works quickly in the heart of the buyer that He has for us. Please pray that the buyer would hear God's voice, know that it's God's voice, be unafraid to be obedient and be fearless in their investment of our house. Just like God gave me 2 Godly men to work with me, He will provide a Godly buyer, just like He provided Abraham with the lamb at the perfect moment. No matter what, I will Praise the Lord
  12. Thank you Daisy!! I'm going to send an email to my realtor right now and ask him to ask the potential buyer what he says.
  13. Hey everyone, we have an offer on the house But, we are also signed up for the government HAP program and if we want their help we would have to send them the offer for their approval, which our realtor said could take months and we could lose the offer. I've talked to God about it. Can you all stand in agreement with me for the confirmation? I've asked God for the confirmation that if He wants us to utilize the HAP program that the buyer with the offer would agree to wait for HAP to approve his offer, and if God does not want us to utilize the HAP program, that the buyer would not agree to wait. I trust that God will give me a yes or no and I will let you all know what He says!!
  14. I love your study! For a one of my dreams I looked up Ayin and Shin. Anyway, I'd sure like to read more studies like this
  15. Wow, I can't wait to hear what God does there!!!
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