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  1. That's right He does! Thank you, I appreciate the prayers. You know, I'm so happy with my life..the Lord has blessed me and shownh His love to me in so many ways. I can't deny who He is. I love the Lord with all my heart..I can't go a day without talking to Him, through the good n bad...I can't even imagine my life without His love and guidance. So thankful to be a child of God!!!
  2. Hey all, sad news... This young lady lost her battle to leukemia & kidney disease. I prayed for her as we talked about. In June I moved out of town (4 hours away). Life was a bit hectic with the move and our new journey with homeschooling so I was not able to keep tabs on her and she disappeared off of Facebook. Come to find out she got married in June and died 6 weeks later. Its such a sad story! She was diagnosed in November of 2012 and died July 4th 2013, so tragic! I have to say, it really messed me up. I didn't find out until the end of July. I was speechless and in total shock. Even though I knew the doctors gave her months to live it still hit me in a strange way. I mourned for her but not with tears....I was in such shock. I mourned because I felt a sickening feeling in my gut.....she was not saved and she rejected the Lord. I'm not saying I know for a fact she is not in heaven, I do not know what her last days were like. I mourned for her family...especially her parents, her mother who I know very well. She had a secret life, she was into goth, idolized Marilyn Manson ( heavy metal guy) and hated the fact that christians believed a gay person could be delivered. She always said "you can't change who you are". Its a heartbreaking story but only God knows the end. I just wanted to share.
  3. My heart is heavy as I watch the news right now on the search and rescue at the elementary school in Oklahoma. Please pray for the missing students and teachers. 2 nights ago I dreamt of a bunch of tornados, I know in the dream I was watching from the outside so I knew the tornados did not have anything to do with me or my life. I didn't have time to come post about it. I can't say that it was about these tornados but we should pray regardless. Pray pray pray!! As the stories are being reported my heart is so sad. I am praying for a safe search and rescue!!! Lord send your angels!!!
  4. YES..that is good stuff astra, thank you so much for sharing!!!
  5. That's awesome about Cora!! It gives me confidence to begin praying this lady. Thank you Chollete, your words are encouraging and uplifting. I needed to hear that
  6. I really needed to hear that, thank you Cholette. I believe in what you said. I'm choked up right now. I think I felt inside that I needed to pray for healing. But to be honest, I didn't feel I had the authority. Thats why i posted this. Don't get me wrong, I know the Lord gives us the authority. But I almost feel like I'm not seasoned enough to take this assignment on alone. Because I'm not in a Healing or Inteccesory ministry, you know what I mean? I do believe I'm called to be an intercessor. I even started taking a ministry course last week so i can grow more spiritually. But her life is surrounded by many spirits and I'm thinking I need some type of prayer covering. Am I wrong? I don't have a home church to turn to anyone.
  7. This may sound silly, or seem like a simple thing I can figure out on my own but I honestly do not know how to pray about this. So I was hoping someone can help me with a prayer. I recently found out that an ex co-worker has leukemia, and it's terminal...their giving her 3-6 months to live. to give you the back story, and I'll try to keep it short and simple: She used to be somewhat of a friend during the years I was backsliden. I worked very closely together with her for that company for 9 years, she was my supervisor. I'm not sure if any of you recall me talking about this job when I was employed, but I did ask for prayer that I would find another one. Well, its been a year since I quit that job. when I worked with her over the years I got to really know her personal life more, I was troubled by it. Her social life was NOTHING like her work life and I was not comfortable with her lifestyle at all. I won't go into details but I'll just say it included gay bars and lots of drugs. She herself is not gay, but her siblings are and so she was smack dab in the middle of that world and she loved it. Then when I gave my life back to the Lord she flipped the table on me. She made my life miserable at work, as if she was punishing me for being saved. I spent many many months in warfare because of this lady, the office in general as well. the Lord revealed a lot of things she was doing behind my back. She was so very manipulative, it was a lot more intense all the way up until I quit (thats another story). I can't begin to explain the stress and demonic activity I dealt with from this place, especially from her and her aunt who was another co-worker and she played a lot of mind games with me. I was constantly stuck in this world wind of chaos with the two of them. but This women, the supervisor, was the nicest, sweetest person to my face but behind my back she was conniving. I prayed for 3 years straight for the Lord to release me from that job, and he finally did last year. It was the most amazing feeling!! Now I find out about her terminal illness, she is just a year older than me. I certainly do not wish death on anyone. I feel sad for her family who I know. I have prayed for the Lord to have mercy on her. but that's as far as I get. And I have forgiven her. is that all I should say and do? I just feel like I need to know how to pray about these situations. I think I'm just in shock over all of it. hopefully I make sense, but any guidance and prayer would be appreciated!!
  8. thanks! And I agree sisterinchrist! I hope I didn't come off the wrong way...just wanted to share a different point of view. The show has been such an intense debate among everyone. I rather not debate about it, I respect everyone's opinions and choice to decide to watch or not watch. As with most movie's taken from a book....its never the exact same as the book. The Bible isn't just any book, so it's going to stir up some intense emotions and debate. It stinks that they are breezing through the stories pretty fast, cutting a lot out and changing up some things...but I didn't expect it would be done to the T, especially since its being broadcast on the History Channel. I questioned it right away just because of the History Channel alone.
  9. please don't look down on me for this, I respect your opinions very much....my mother feels the same way but for my family The Bible has been somewhat of a blessing to us. It has given ME the chance to open my bible up while sitting next to my unsaved husband and our two kids as a family and read the Word!! I have my bible on my lap while we watch. I've been using my bible to go over the whats being showed and we discuss it. Our children know the miniseries is just a "hollywood" production, and my husband is being exposed to the real truth of God's word by my readings during the show. This has been the only opportunity for our children to sit and read the bible with their dad. And it has been a great stepping stone for interesting discussions between my husband and I and I'm so grateful for that. Anyway, just my point of view
  10. Mia you have personally been a blessing to me along with your amazing site. Its only right that I continually keep you in my prayers. Numbers 6:24-26 The Lord bless you, and keep you; The Lord make His face shine on you, and be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance on you, and give you peace.’
  11. Good morning brothers and sisters in Christ, I have a prayer request for a bump I have on my back that I just noticed yesterday after feeling a sharp pain in my back while I was driving. Its very red, hard, warm and so very painful. My husband can't see any bite marks so it doesn't look like a spider bite. It could be nothing, could be an in grown hair, although I do not have a hairy back and have never had anything on my back like this. but last week I had a crazy experience when I was sleeping. It was early in the morning and I was startled out of my sleep by a loud bang. It sounded like and felt like someone shot me in the back and it literally jolted my body and woke me up and I turned to look behind me. It was so loud and very realistic! I'm not worried, I'm just asking to agree with me in prayer over this bump in Jesus name! Also, I do not have health insurance to get it checked out and the enemy has been attacking our finances lately and we have a really big move coming up soon so please help me cover my husband and finances in prayer since he is the sole provider. thank you Blessings!!!
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