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  1. God bless! I will be in prayer for ya'll. My home in Texas was just devastated by hurricane Harvey last year so I know how that is. Although we were only out of electricity for a month, it was a very hot month. Now we live in an Rv and go where the work is, so it's not been all bad. I wish you well on your journey Sent from Topic'it App
  2. Hi Sunflowers, sorry it is a few months late, but I will be in prayer for you. Keep praying for direction, every day. If you are of the dreaming sort, try to remember as much as possible. You can pm me if you need to talk.
  3. Our church is having a revival. Many are giving their hearts to Jesus!
  4. I'm updating this post with a praise report. I was able to find work as a cashier at my old Walmart. It keeps me busy and I'm not so sad all the time now. I was also given a bed from a friend! Praise Jesus.
  5. Amen, I will keep you in my prayers!
  6. Hello, as some of ya'll may know I recently had surgery to remove a large rare tumor in my chest/spine area. Well after that I was in great pain, and have been having issues with my husband seeming to have no desire for me since we got married. I was counseled to separate from him by the church but I kept saying no. After the surgery I could take the neglect no longer and finally went back to Texas with my family. I have found a new church and counsel here, but have heard nothing of my husband for a good long while. Last I heard he was asking for a divorce attorney, and he has pushed all of his friends and pastors away. I pray for him daily and ask you pray for him to seek the Lord as well, and for my joy. This is a hard time for me, and I am a forgiving soul. I am still in pain from surgery and am staying with my grandmother, finding work is very hard. I'm meditating on the Lord and seeking his will for my life. Thank you all in advance for your prayers.
  7. Thanks Daph! They didn't do the X-ray the other day because I had one in June. Even after I said I prayed for healing the nurse just smiled and said that's cute LOL. So we'll just have to wait. Wednesday morning I'll be going in. I am nervous, but I know Jesus is with me and so many praying.
  8. Hi ya'll, As some of you may know I have a tumor in my chest that needs to come out with major surgery. I'm still praying that tomorrow when they do the pre tests that the Xray will show no tumor and a miracle will happen. Need fellow Christians to stand with me in prayer!
  9. Thank you Astra. I have prayed and accepted healing.
  10. Hi ya'll I went to the ER a few weeks ago with some chest pain, and they found a large mass in my chest, attached to my spine. So I just had an MRI today and see the doc tomorrow to talk about it. I'm praying that the mass will go away, or be no problem. Also I have no health insurance, so this could get a bit ....messy lol. Thanks so much in advance for all prayers!
  11. I'm not happy that they would steer away from the truth of the Bible, but I can't say I'm surprised either. I've heard the show is very popular and even non Christians are watching it. But if it differs from the Bible, I cannot watch it either...*sigh*
  12. I've only got to watch a snip of it at work, what do ya'll think of it so far?
  13. Hey all, I'm so excited! Been praying for a husband for a long time, and the Lord has blessed me =D
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