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  1. Please pray for my Marketing Professor, John Royer. He is extremely harsh with grading my tests in particular. I do my best and I feel as if he automatically gives me a bad grade and doesn't even try to give any grace. I confronted him about my grade, he claims my answers are wrong and he says he gives extra points. I do not get extra points on these exams, I do believe he simply does not like the way I explain my answers.
  2. I need $1000 to get out of debt. Please stand with me on Ps. 24:45
  3. Hey all, I had a very strange occurence on my job today: I was ringing up this man, as soon as I made eye contact with him I saw like a frog on him, spiritually speaking. He came to my register and as soon as he asked for me to break his $10, I almost fainted. I was able to get a supervisor to take my register but it was scary. Another coworker said the same exact thing happened to her yesterday. I'm going to ask my manager if its possible to have the Male managers up front at all times. That'll stop a lot of stuff! I go back tomorrow. Also, pray for my professor, I follow her feedback and instructions, but she's only grading my discussions fairly. She's being a bit much for my Essays and I had my mom and sister look at my work before I turn it in. Thanks!
  4. Please pray for as I will have to defer my file at SEU. This week hasn't been that pleasant for me physically or spiritually. After talking with my mom and sister, I felt kind of manipulated. Anyways, I did find out it was the $$ which was causing my Dad to worry (I got that from is vague e-mail), so it least I know the truth. Since I prayed this: 1) to get accepted only if I could start in August of 2015 2) If God could provide all $$ 3) If not, to be rejected so I wouldn't be disappointed again for a second time. Well, I'm disappointed again for a second time... I do know that all things work together for those called by him, and I do know obedience is better than sacrifice. But yeah, that sums everything up.
  5. Lord give Jasmine the courage and the ability to communicate with kindness and love. We bind every spirit of strife, division and send it back to the pit of hell were it belongs. We bind every spirit of retaliation and revenge we blood block it right now. In Jesus name, amen.
  6. Please pray for my family, I found ANOTHER snake downstairs yesterday. Also, my Mom was involved in a fender bender (which won't be fixed until the 10th), she's alright praise God. And I've been having a hard time getting in contact with my admissions counselor with my school. He's the only one who can provide me with Scholarship information, I noticed my email got sent back which NEVER happens. As I'm waiting on God I'm looking into online classes for school too. Thanks love you Guys!
  7. Yes they did! Its funny because I didn't want to pick up after discussing my predicament with my sister. So she said "Pick up who knows maybe you won a scholarship!" The call was regarding my roommate assignment, but still God answered my request. I will be fasting tomorrow for myself and my church. During this same time last year I knew I wasn't supposed to start at SEU for 2014, I just knew it. But anytime someone says "Apply to our state college." I just keep hearing wait, and then I get distracted with something else. I
  8. Good evening all, yesterday I prayed for a third confirmation concerning my school. I asked God for my school to call during a particular time. They did. Now folks since school would start in 3 weeks for me, I need a "Say now" miracle. I was looking at my poster in my room (Dream board), I apparently wrote on there my tuition would be paid off at the end of July. So tomorrow is the last day of this month, so I'm believing it to be done so! I called the financial aid office and left a message detailing my current situation. Also, please pray for my church: I can't say what happened, but its quite troubling and I know the accused person. Thanks all!
  9. As some of you all know, I'm calling forth $$ for my college tuition. Before I sent in all my documents, I prayed to be accepted ONLY if 1. God would pay for it. 2. It would go forth in August 2015. I got accepted in April, so that was my cue God is honoring my request. I called Daystar network for prayer, the prayer minister had just prayed the night before that God would bring forth Men and Women of his kingdom in the Business/ Marketing field. Well that's my exact major! After my phone call, I just heard the word "Pack." I will confess I felt silly doing it, but I kept hearing it over and over so I grabbed one of my duffels and put a few items inside of it. Has anyone else heard God speak like this?
  10. Lord God bring healing to your daughter right now. Whatever is causing an issue in her body from being able to sleep properly, we rebuke it in the name of Jesus. We thank you Lord for the life of Jasmine. We blood block every spirit of retaliation, revenge and anger let it catch fire in the name of Jesus.
  11. Glory be to god, I was accepted to SEU! I apologize for telling you all so lately, but I received my acceptance letter April 22nd. Also, I finished my state college with a 4.0! It's a true praise report, because my English teacher gave me someone else's grade, and I couldn't find my previously submitted work to prove I didn't get a D. However, thanks be to God I received my A, I also finished my Remedial Algebra. On my last day, I was ill due to severe food poisoning. I forced myself to go into class, I still had trouble getting some of it done. However, the test stopped, glory be to God and I told my teacher. He pulled up my test, "It's already been sent, look what you have missed. I think you aren't understanding some of the things." I copied down the problems and worked them by myself. My body stomach calmed down, I was able to see what I did. I asked him, "Did I pass, since I worked out the problems myself?" He said "No, there's too many mistakes." So, I had to take the test again. But, God knew exactly what to do, once I arrived in the other building, I had to wait for my teacher. After twenty minutes, I went inside and asked to be logged on. My teacher came, and he pulled up the test. Once it started, it only had 6 minutes left! I realized my old test was never erased, so I only had to work the 8 problems I missed! My brothers and Sisters, when you don't finish a test the program is supposed to automatically erase it! My teacher was flabbergasted, "What, it's never done that! I wanted you to have a new test!" I told him it didn't matter and I would finish it. So, I finished my test within five minutes and passed with a B! My teacher was astonished, seeing that 8 problems like that would take it least twenty minutes to solve. But, God knew exactly what he was doing, he instructed me to calm down once I found out I had to re-test. He surprised me by saving my original test, God is faithful!
  12. Hey everyone!! I pray everyone is doing well, I have a few things I need pray over: Our house has been hit with a lot of attacks concerning our personal belongings. In March, our freezer stopped working downstairs, and later the fridge went out as well. Two weeks ago, my sister discovered our freezer went out, so we lost it least $300 worth of food. The repairman came twice, he was here Monday and said our refrigerator is inoperable. Our home owners insurance will cover the replacement cost, however they are moving very slow. We've been sowing our tithe, time in church, and offerings continuously, so we are in full faith that our money is coming in. Yesterday, I went outside to take our dog to the bathroom, I saw a crow perched on our roof. As soon as I walked further into the yard, he left but continued to circle the perimeter. I also saw one on another home, I immediately started to pray since I know crows can sometimes carry demonic spirits. Also, my mother's cousin was shot yesterday morning, along with thirty other innocent bystanders. The police department are in the midst of investigating the incident. And lastly, please pray for my relationships: So, I have one friend (Anna) who stopped contacting me for seven months. I'm not exaggerating at all, the last time we spoke it was September. She contacted me at the end of April, but her response was "It's my senior year, I work and I don't even have time for my family. Let alone my friends." Lest to say that's a bit concerning, seeing that God should come first, then your family, friends and your job. But, I didn't say that to her. I asked when her graduation was, she told me the date but she didn't informally invite me. On Wednesday, I asked why I never received an invite. She said, "I had a limit on the amount of people I could invite, I only invited family and friends of the family." I also had a limit on the amount of tickets I gave to people, but not invitations. So, I said "My mom sent 150 invitations, there's only a limit on the tickets." I started to ask her if she really wanted to be my friend, I mean she can't believe our friendship can last if it's always like this. She never says anything about my birthday, I always sent her a gift or a card for hers, but I stopped once she acted like my birthday didn't matter. The only time she does reach out to me is if it's been months since we've talked. Since she stopped responding, I got the idea that she didn't give a rip anymore. Anna said she was writing thank you cards, but to me if my friend was questioning our friendship, I would stop what I was doing (unless it was an emergency, etc.). She hasn't contacted me since, so should I just leave it alone or contact her? I would appreciate all of your prayers, thank you!
  13. Hi Ms. Mia, yes I have but God didn't show me anything until about two weeks ago: I saw myself at church, our chief intercessor was leading us in prayer. He walked up to me and said "You know, $50,000 is nothing says the Lord. Extend your faith, don't worry." I prayed and waited to tell my mom I think I need to send in my transcripts. She just gave me a quizical look, saying "See how long you can defer to." It's hard but I've been thanking God for it on a daily basis.
  14. Happy new year! As you all know, I had to "start over" regarding my college career. So as of now I'm at my state college. I need confirmation from God on a particular school. I applied last year, but my math scores weren't up to par. I decided to forget about Southeastern, seeing that this school is very expensive. However, around three weeks ago I threw out something from the school. Not even a month passed when I got call from an admissions counseler. Alison(admissions counseler) said I could in for the spring semester. I deffered my file for next fall. I really don't want to be $60,000 in debt. I really need to hear from God on this one. Thanks everyone!
  15. I really don't know what to do; I'm in a remedial math class, its an online course with little classroom involvement. (I.e, she proctors the exams) Anyways, I feel rushed and this will be my third time retaking a test. Also, I have been getting sick, I really want to drop this class. Tomorrow I look for a tutor
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