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Please pray for myself and my family

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Hey everyone!! I pray everyone is doing well, I have a few things I need pray over: Our house has been hit with a lot of attacks concerning our personal belongings. In March, our freezer stopped working downstairs, and later the fridge went out as well. Two weeks ago, my sister discovered our freezer went out, so we lost it least $300 worth of food. The repairman came twice, he was here Monday and said our refrigerator is inoperable. Our home owners insurance will cover the replacement cost, however they are moving very slow. We've been sowing our tithe, time in church, and offerings continuously, so we are in full faith that our money is coming in. Yesterday, I went outside to take our dog to the bathroom, I saw a crow perched on our roof. As soon as I walked further into the yard, he left but continued to circle the perimeter. I also saw one on another home, I immediately started to pray since I know crows can sometimes carry demonic spirits.

Also, my mother's cousin was shot yesterday morning, along with thirty other innocent bystanders. The police department are in the midst of investigating the incident. And lastly, please pray for my relationships: So, I have one friend (Anna) who stopped contacting me for seven months. I'm not exaggerating at all, the last time we spoke it was September. She contacted me at the end of April, but her response was "It's my senior year, I work and I don't even have time for my family. Let alone my friends." Lest to say that's a bit concerning, seeing that God should come first, then your family, friends and your job. But, I didn't say that to her. I asked when her graduation was, she told me the date but she didn't informally invite me.

On Wednesday, I asked why I never received an invite. She said, "I had a limit on the amount of people I could invite, I only invited family and friends of the family." I also had a limit on the amount of tickets I gave to people, but not invitations. So, I said "My mom sent 150 invitations, there's only a limit on the tickets." I started to ask her if she really wanted to be my friend, I mean she can't believe our friendship can last if it's always like this. She never says anything about my birthday, I always sent her a gift or a card for hers, but I stopped once she acted like my birthday didn't matter. The only time she does reach out to me is if it's been months since we've talked. Since she stopped responding, I got the idea that she didn't give a rip anymore. Anna said she was writing thank you cards, but to me if my friend was questioning our friendship, I would stop what I was doing (unless it was an emergency, etc.). She hasn't contacted me since, so should I just leave it alone or contact her? I would appreciate all of your prayers, thank you!

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