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My God is faithful!

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Glory be to god, I was accepted to SEU! I apologize for telling you all so lately, but I received my acceptance letter April 22nd. Also, I finished my state college with a 4.0! It's a true praise report, because my English teacher gave me someone else's grade, and I couldn't find my previously submitted work to prove I didn't get a D. However, thanks be to God I received my A, I also finished my Remedial Algebra. On my last day, I was ill due to severe food poisoning. I forced myself to go into class, I still had trouble getting some of it done. However, the test stopped, glory be to God and I told my teacher. He pulled up my test, "It's already been sent, look what you have missed. I think you aren't understanding some of the things." I copied down the problems and worked them by myself. My body stomach calmed down, I was able to see what I did. I asked him, "Did I pass, since I worked out the problems myself?" He said "No, there's too many mistakes." So, I had to take the test again. But, God knew exactly what to do, once I arrived in the other building, I had to wait for my teacher. After twenty minutes, I went inside and asked to be logged on. My teacher came, and he pulled up the test. Once it started, it only had 6 minutes left! I realized my old test was never erased, so I only had to work the 8 problems I missed! My brothers and Sisters, when you don't finish a test the program is supposed to automatically erase it! My teacher was flabbergasted, "What, it's never done that! I wanted you to have a new test!" I told him it didn't matter and I would finish it. So, I finished my test within five minutes and passed with a B! My teacher was astonished, seeing that 8 problems like that would take it least twenty minutes to solve. But, God knew exactly what he was doing, he instructed me to calm down once I found out I had to re-test. He surprised me by saving my original test, God is faithful!

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