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  1. Blessings everyone! I am asking for prayers as I will be moving to Puerto Rico in Nov, 14(Lord willing) to help out my family, as you all probably know Puerto Rico was recently demolished by hurricane maria. Although my family's property was affected by the hurricane, we weren't destroyed by it as it has been for the majority of the Puerto rican communities. I am just grateful that no one was hurt. As, of now; there's is no light and probably won't have any for another month or so...we live near a metropolitan area, so we will get light before the remote places....That's the sad truth. They have clean running water and the roads are cleared up around our area. Cell phone signal...is more stable, but not %100 reliable. Is really violate right now as criminals are taking advantage of this.So, prayers for safety. and for the Lord to expose these individuals and have them locked up or have an experience with the living God so they can change their ways. Prayers, for strength....as I will be working on the property. Wisdom, moving into community that really worships catholicism and despise my christian values or views. For divine connections, I would love to connect with an organization that is working to have Puerto Rico become a state of USA. Also, connection with a people that is reaching out with resources to help the communities with food, clothes,shelter and most important through prayers and healing manifestation of God's love and power. As I am writing this, i am thinking how far I have come in my walk with the Lord...I've always said in the past; you couldn't pay me to live in Puerto Rico and here I am moving there during the worst hurricane they have had in over 100 years. I am in total peace and know that He will take care of everything. God has away of transforming us without our knowledge until we are face with the decision that challenged us in the past and they become easy to embrace now! Thank for your prayers!!!Prophetic words,words of encouragement and anything you feel like saying...I will greatly appreciate it!!! God bless!!! Ps.91
  2. Update....The Lord has given me HUGE favor!!! I'm living rent free for as longest I want(don't want to remain like this though). I 'm currently involved with a prayer house and there is going to be a Kingdom building relationship with the people from NYC. Just need prayer for the finances...thank you for your prayer :))
  3. Blessings...first and foremost thank you for pouring yourself in behalf for those of us that have a petition or petitions before God...May He bless you in this life time with His riches and glory. thank you. My request is...I just recently made a huge move to New Jersey from Pennsylvania.It was on the works for a whole year. The goal was to come here (NJ) and help a friend in His ministry and other ministry...well, that all when south. Nothing bad happen but, the Lord just put a end to it. Now this the tricky part, I'm living with his parents...wonderful people!!! nothing bad going as a matter of fact, my friend with ministry just finished moving in with his wife; because of issues with the contract at his previous landlord...so now there is this big happy family...lol(sarcastic) Truly there are no problems.They know God brought me here, so there is grace there and they are no rushing me to move on or whatever...nevertheless, I don't want to continue living like this. I know the Lord does not want me to move back to PA. So about 2 months ago. I met a group of people that, for the first time in many years I was able to flow freely in the Spirit of our God an Saviour Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit...so much, That the times we have met(a group of 25-70 people)I have given very accurate words and prayer for a young lady that had a stroke, who was paralyzed left side...she was able to walk ,pain gone and she able to extend her hand(it was shriveled). This happen in Columbus Circle NYC...beautiful experience. a young korean girl that witness this fell down on her knees and began to worship our Living God...mind you this is in a lobby where 1000's people walk by...Glory to God!!! anyways, I just need prayer that the Lord open the doors that I need to walk in. I need the finances and place to live. I believe I'm call to minister to hurting ,broken, neglected and rejected and bring into a place where they realize the have a role to play in the Kingdom of our God!!! So< Pray that the Lord connect me with people of Kingdom mind and that are Holy,Pure and want to change their surrounding for the glory of God and point ALL man...to the who Paid it ALL...JESUS!!! God bless and thank u
  4. My family has been really been attacked this past two years, lost a niece(4months old), nephew just recieved a life sentence to prison,one of my niece just finished doing two years in prison and the other one just been arrested tonight along with my brother for drugs and weapond. I have been seeking the Lord and I have fallen in Love with Him but since I have come to the lord everything has gone wrong in my life...i have lost everything and I am currently living in the ymca, i need the Lord to show me what to do, i am tired... seeing mom crying
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