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  1. It's so good to see you again Delightful!!! I know this doesn't have to do with guy stuff but it does have to do with breaking off. I was seeing a therapist/psychologist and she was having me do things that didn't seem right, new-agey stuff. I asked God for a few weeks (everytime I had an appt.) to help me drop them without hurting any feelings. My chance totally came when I had to cancel an apt. to travel! I just didn't call them back to reschedule and therefore didn't hurt any feelings. God made a way of escape. I use this as my example because it was painful for me to think about having to go through with it. I didn't know what to do. My way was full of "pain" but God's way was effortless and "pain" free.
  2. HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!!! Thank you for everything you have done and blessing us with this site. I praise God for you and my friends here.
  3. I'm So glad, I love awesome birthdays!
  4. Daph and Daisy, wow, you guys are some Strong Momma's!!! Daph, about your son's wet clothes, I got a few calls from my son's teachers and after school program leaders on several occasions. They all told me to bring in dry clothes because my son had been playing in the water at the sink! I thought it was hilarious, but they didn't. I know my son went to school everyday with dry clothes on too. Maybe your son enjoyed the sink or water fountain too much that day?
  5. I'll pray for her too Linda!!!
  6. I've had that too. I think for me it was going to bed too late and waking up too early as well has having tossed and turned all night. During those times I usually didn't get much sleep.
  7. Oh, I left out that my CONTRACTOR who fixed up the house for us ALSO is/was having faith with me!!! Thank you daisy for your support I appreciate it so much Also, AMEN!!! I refuse to dwell on negative thoughts and always dwell on how BIG God is and what He has done for me. Also, going through these older posts He brought up the dream He had given me with the verse that He had me find that matched the dream Psalm 107:28-30. I wrote those verses down on a sheet of paper in silver permanent marker because it is a promise that He has given me They for sure will be dumbfounded Connie!!
  8. God has provided me with a realtor with Mountain Moving Faith!!! Also, the bank can't foreclose till NEXT YEAR!!! Please pray for the buyer that they will listen and obey our Father, that They Too will have Mountain Moving Faith!!! God did not lead me down that path for Him to just let the bank foreclose on us Thank you for having faith with me
  9. Yes, I would LOVE some cake!!! Seriously
  10. Praise God for second chances! AMEN to everything here, too There are things that I have been struggling with. I'm really glad you posted this because I know that God has put it on my heart to get these issues out of my life. They have deep roots that I can feel are poisoning me. I feel like God isn't helping me with these things most of the time but every now and then I see a tiny victory. The roots of the problems need to be brought to light and then healed.
  11. I totally agree Cholette. Why are Christians being for the most part silent rather than praying? Why don't we pray and ask God who we should vote for? Why don't e all pray about all the situations? Why do they have to be so confusing? I'm not kidding about the "don't get involved" it even incl. not praying because they tell me not to get involved but they don't suggest that we pray about the links I post. I do pray about the stuff I post. I've seen God answer a lot of prayers even recently in regards to the things I've posted. I'm not perfect, the examples I grew up with run deep and I'm confused.
  12. You two are so right. I'm very guilty of that. I find it very difficult to find the line of what I can and cannot say/believe because I grew up with a guardian dad that always called political people he didn't agree with, idiots and say stuff about the things they do. I see this from other Christians too and also I see Christians (other family members) who seem to do nothing and not even care what out govt. does. I am so confused because of this. One side tells me that I need to stop worrying about it which makes me feel like they are the ones at fault for our country being the way it is because Christians "aren't supposed to be involved...", and the other side makes me feel like they are involved and doing something about it, spreading the word about the abuse of power and making sure that people know what's going. But most of them do this while slamming. I don't have any good examples of a good middle. I've stopped most of my slamming except sometimes I can't help "liking" others slamming comments. I do post links to stuff without commenting on it now. But that still doesn't make the other side that says don't get involved, happy.
  13. Thank you for the link! I wish I knew more about the convention too but all I know is what globalhealth posted. If you go to his original post and ask him there, he would for sure reply.
  14. I don't believe that they are aware! Can you post the link?
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