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  1. I am continuing to pray for you. YES put your faith in that God shared with you in a dream that you got it. Pray for the sensitivity to follow the Holy Spirit on this mission. I believe in my heart if you are persistant-God will show you new things....truths you may not have seen before. God Bless
  2. I am so moved and inspired by you all!!!!!! I am feeling full of JOY,all is well weither I stay here 50 more years or 50 minutes...but I feel I may be here awhile.... God has a list of missions for me.....still being walked out, I also got a word from God...I so love that!" Linda, anything that was to be accomplish in you or through you-you during this trial....it has already been done." I just feel so fulfilled and at peace.edp lovve you all.thankyou for the prayers of the saints ne
  3. Prase God for the good news,We came home after 6 wks chemo and integrated cyber type radiation a few days ago to get an mri.. The tumor was rediagnosed by Stanford as non operable terminal tumor that was aggressively spreading.aniplastic astrocytoma. I had a tumor the size of 2 golf balls on my left side- and one then almost identical spread to the right side-in addition, causing cognitive and physical dissabilities. -millions of micro tumors like a milky way....all wanting to grow into big aniplastic astrocytomas. We know its all up to God and the report was great,The main tumor has shrunk and innactive. the second tumor filled with dead matereal and appears to be dead and all the microscopic minitumors have vanished completely.The greatest part of all this is the divine healing taking place in peace.feels like Ive been wrapped in Light the whole time. GOD HAS LED US THE WHOLE WAY.WE As a family are so thankful for Gods LOVE and care.
  4. Hi my dear brothers and sisters in the Lord. I had brain surgery removing a large agressive tumor from my head on March 7th. Amazing the things God has shown me all along the way. First I had a full blown stroke on Oct 5th last year....and as I was slowly healing from that I woke up one day with a God dream...I waas walking on the beach and saw a small blue box and felt like I wanted to see what was in it. It was little, and even though I was a little not sure, I still picked it up and poured contents in my hand...sand and dirt and water fell to the wayside but a small baby octopus plopped into my hand. Normally I would have freaked out at a critter like this in my hand....but in the dream I was delighted...and God told me it was a gift for me.Then I woke up and tried to figure..(on my own) what the heck that was was suppose to mean..... that was September 17th...then on Oct 5 I suffered a full blown stroke... (later diagnosed as being created by the pressure of the tumor in the brain,) the stroke happenened on Oct 5th I had recently published my my first book and was schedule to speak and preach at a Christian event in Indiana on October 8....The most recent update. Praise God what ever HE wants is up to him....I am using all my faculties...have no obvious symptoms of the stroke or the tumor and still hope you all will continue to keep me in your prayers, . Oh and important part, Diane here, had almost the identical dream or more like a vision...she saw a hand holding a baby octopus...and in the dream of hers she asked God for a verse for me ...and then told her that HE was taking this (in the hand) out of my head with light. It was that word from God, that was confrmed in the dream God gave me...that led myself and my husband to seek out light treatment (cyberknife) light=radiation and on March 7th our Doctors cut the bulk of the tumor out and are now attacking the rest of the "octopus with light..." I know God has had his hand on me all through this and I know that just like He said this is a gift.It is amazing I stilll know there is more to this adventure in Christ Jesus...I am staying 5 days a week in Sanfransisco for this treatment and have made friends with a really nice man who grew up in the neighborhood...he is jewish and is asking me now to pray for him...I am seeing him this week...please pray for salvation for Sam....He needs to know His heritage in the blood in his veins...but moreover the freedom He has waiting for him in faith in Christ Jesus. love you guys.
  5. I was especially encouragged tonight as we just got from UC SANFRANSISCO and we have a skilled surgeon thlkat has been doing this for 26 years....he says he can safely take out the bulk f the tumor...(not all) but our hope is that yes....thee de light from God will do the rest light=radiation we are securing another surgeon who used light for the delicate parts....we are following the lead from the dreams God is giving us and the confirmation of the dreams ans words from the saints. they are to call us tonight with a surgery day and date. right now, I walk with a cane...have struggled with speech and go in and out of cognitive difficulties....it is time for all my lessons to be learned and applied to my life....and to continue on to the next adventure in CHrist Jesus....do I hear an amen??????
  6. Prayerfully consider being a volunteer at a hospital or school. A loving, hard working caring individual can make a differenced in the lives of others and you will have a great reference when you do step out to look for work. God Bless
  7. Thankou so much...and even though you cant really see the "arms" of the glioma cells....that is how they grow in to the brain mass...so it is a really practical graphic visual when you think of an octopus...because when an octopus arms are cut off they regenerate nd grow again. That is exactly what a glioma tumor does...when you cut it out millions of glioma cells are left in and regenerate into new glioma tumors.This is nothing for God to take care of. The vision and scripture that God shared with you has greatly ecouraged me. I am so thankful for your prayers. God bless you and I am feeling strength coming back to me...I have been so weak and tired through all this. God bless all!!!
  8. Thanks all for your prayers and for sharing what god gives you. got back from Stanford yesterday...oligodendroglioma. You all have been and are so encouraging...love what you said Jasmine :) God has given me so much in the way of peace and even joy....all things work together for those who love the Lord and are called together for His purpose. thank you everyone :) lov e you
  9. God's love pouring all over me is good medicine...thank you all.
  10. Thank you for the love and intercession my beautiful siblings in the Lord!
  11. I shared this message that I sent to Wendy Christie, she is an author and one of the other six speakers/ preachers in Indiana on October 8. This letter was a connection with her regarding my trip out....but of course I never made it as I had a stroke on October 5th. I shared this dream with you all today, to share my joy at getting the confirmation that I just got from one of my sisters here on this site. what a blessing...yes...to know that this tumor is being allowed by God....as a gift. That is exciting!!!
  12. September 16 Linda Marie Irish o I got my ticket and I will be in Indianapolos at 3:50 on Thursday October 6th. I hope that works for you guys but if it doesnt just let me know and I will rent a car....I love you!!! I am so excited and happy to be with you all....I know we will have a wonderful praise session as we praise our Lord together....I am so looking forward to seening what God does...Jo Ellen had another prophetic word about God not being "in a box" that was a confirmation on a prophetic dream I woke up in the middle of the night with recently....in the dream I found a little box on the sea shore and it was damp I was curious what was in it...I opened it up and I was hesitant to pour in in my hand...because I didnt know what it was (and I am scared of bugs and things that are yucky) but I was brave and I poured it into my hand and a beautiful little octopus fell into my hand...(in real life I wouldn not be happy with an octopus but in the dream I was delighted)...I knew it was a gift for me. love you Wendy
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