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How much "financial security" would my future spouse need?

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this is what i mean by "things i need to CHANGE about myself".

from a general female standpoint, what kind of jobs are UNacceptable for your potential spouse to have?

even this won't get me any closer to figuring this out.

i'm really just trying to get god's attention.

i have NO job and virtually NO experience.

i've NEVER even worked at a fast food joint

i've NEVER held a cashier position.

i've NEVER sold anything.

i've NEVER waited tables.

basically, i've NEVER done any of the BASIC crap.

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Prayerfully consider being a volunteer at a hospital or school. A loving, hard working caring individual can make a differenced in the lives of others and you will have a great reference when you do step out to look for work. God Bless

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