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  1. Hi everyone. I just wanted to invite you all to read my blog... www.abundantheartblog.wordpress.com. Please stop by, please comment and share! Hope to see a comment from you!
  2. Hello everyone...I just wanted to get on here and share the good news! My baby sister is pregnant! Its the first grandbaby of the family and we are so excited! She is 8 weeks along, and I am just soliciting prayers for her and her husband and new baby. Blessings, Blessings, Blessings! We are so excited! I am going to be an aunt!
  3. The main thing that I can tell you is to keep praying and continue to hold on to God's promise. If God said it, then it is! Don't give up on him! It doesnt matter what the circumstances or situation looks like, he will be free of his addiction in Jesus' name. Start confessing the Word over him whenever you think of him, and just stand strong. Tough love is in order...don't allow him to do anything in your house, and don't give him any money, take your car, nothing that will help him particiapte in his habit....God bless you. God is Jehovah Rapha, what is he going through now was taken care of on the cross.....
  4. Thank you for the scriptures Cholette. Yeah I understand that....it's just so exciting that God has him for me...my tailor made man! I am doing my best to just do what I need to be doing for Him, while he prepares him for me....But it is as you said, and the word said, it WILL come to pass! Praise God! As far as the new dimension goes, I looked it up, and this is what it means...Dimension-extent or magnitude, scope, aspect, element, extension in a given direction, to shape or fashion to the desired dimensions....Amen! So it is another level, and a little different at the same time. @hinds feet-AMEN! I have truly seen God's hand like never before!
  5. AMEN Cholette! And I have seen that as well! Chile....especially with this mate thing....And God has truly sustained me! He really has. I am WARRING with this last thing that has to come to pass for sure. Trying to be patient at the same time. Thank you for rejoicing with me!
  6. Glory to your name Oh God! I honor you, I praise you, and I adore you! Ok....ya'll I gotta tell you....2011 has been a very very very hard year for me. Things have happened to me pretty much every month since January, and now, things are finally starting to kinda fall into place. So, I gotta share this testimony with you..... January 1 recieved 2 prophetic words, that God was going to take me to a new dimension, and that he was going to make the crooked paths straight in my life personally. January 8 God said, that he was going to solidify my husband this year. That I would meet him this year....My pastor saw me and another one of my church members in our wedding gowns....during prayer, and that word came forth....ok...January 20 something, I got an eviction notice from my apartment. I had to be out in 30 days....Feb. 1st me, my brother-in law and my sister moved into a house right next door....(God provided me with shelter, and less rent) Feb-May I had no money....I was working, but all my money was going out to my bills.....June my car got repossessed. My parents let me borrow their van for a minute, but it quit on me, so I was bumming rides. So, because of the bills and other stuff that was going on, and in order to get my car back, I filed bankruptcy. I had to come up with 1500 dollars to get my car back, because they were going to auction my car off the following monday (10 days later). So, I prayed, and asked God for help, i didn't know what I was gonna do, I had to have my car, and I couldn't get the money from anywhere...so then my dad gave me 500, and a good friend of mine gave me 1000 (God provided!) So I got my bankruptcy case going, and then I found out my car was all the way up in Nashville, TN. Note, my money is still funny...and also, I was like, how am I going to get the car back because it wasn't running the greatest, and one of my tires was bad....So I had to wait, and my brother in law took me...and when I got up there...of course my tire wouldn't make it back to MS. So we were looking at the tire, and I was like well, we are gonna have to just ride on the doughnut. While my bro-in-law was saying that...the manager of the place came through asking what the problem was....and he saw my tire,and immediately called the back to see if they had a tire to fit my car. To make a long story short, he got a tire, and put it on, and when I asked him how much I owed him...He said, well....I tell u what. You can have it, have a safe ride home, and remember....All republicans aren't bad. (God provided! FAVOR!) So I got a good tire and got home. Drove the car a month, and on my way home one day, it just stopped. Thank God I stopped right beside a mechanic shop (my cousin's dad's shop) had to put in the shop. Other Mechanics were saying the motor was shot. Turns out it needed only minor things, and I ended up paying 155.00 to get it fixed, now she is purring like a kitten! I have been so blessed, through that hard time...I kept my faith, and now its stronger than ever. (New Dimension) I had a lot of heartache, and my pride was broken, and I lost alot, but now things are smoothing out (crooked paths made straight). So now...I am praying about my husband. So ya'll pray with me. God has done everything else, so now I know that this too shall come to pass! God is awesome, even in my mistakes, mishandling, pridefulness...he showed himself strong and blessed me. I love him so much! God Bless You! Just know and remember...NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD! I am so grateful that I serve a God that walks on Gold bricks! Hallelujah!
  7. AMEN Connie! Now I am just waiting on some things to come to pass.
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