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  1. It was actually a prophesy I listened to today on a particular radio show. I didn't realize that the radio show had been recorded back in 09!! I thought they were talking about "today" like this Week! I don't want to say what was prophesied specifically because of "Big Brother" (because of the things that are going on now with the heightened defense on our bases and posts because of OBL) but if you want, I can pm anyone the radio show. P.S. I totally agree.
  2. PLEASE pray for Obama's Safety!!! It's of utmost importance that any plans on his life are thwarted and revealed. That the plans of the enemy will be brought to light.
  3. I'm totally amazed!!! Congratulations and Praise God!!! I'm so Happy for you!!!
  4. ...Asa developed a serious foot disease. Even when the disease became life threatening, he did not seek Yahweh's help but sought help only from his physicians. So he died... 2 chronicles 16:12-13 (only the last half of 12 and first part sentence of 13) This was somewhat of an revelation to me. He died because he did not ask God for help!! How many people die because they don't ask God to help them? How often have I forgotten God in the midst of an illness or pain in the behind circumstance, only to ask advice from the doctor or from friends? Good grief how different things could have turned out if I had asked God First!
  5. I have that problem too. I can only tell you what gets me going sometimes. If it's needs doing, get it done now. Tomorrow never comes. Asking God to help you get it done "now" does help.
  6. Oh yeah, that's what it feels like on the inside. Not necessarily those issues but just how the Spirit is at war with the flesh.
  7. Amen Connie. With everything going on or not going smoothly I forget that God is working everything out for my good and for His glory.
  8. Thank you Lola! Yeah, I really needed the encouragement!
  9. I was thinking on this closed door today that I was feeling hurt by (took it personally) and God told me or showed me something A closed door is a path like at the bowling alley when the children bowl they put up the guard rail. I saw a picture of the guard rail and the alley and the rail was made of closed doors with the open door being where the bowling ball hit the pins to score. I then wondered about why all the closed doors made up the path instead of them being all open doors. Then I had another picture that each door was a different path and if they were all open it would be chaos= confusion with one person trying to take many different paths at the same time. It showed itself more like a blustery wind all over the place going through all the doors. Then God told me that each path has the closed doors that lead to the next new path/open door. The closed doors are like a bumper/buffer to keep you from getting hurt and losing the game. If you try to force those bumper doors open, you end up in the gulley and you lose. God's path is straight and each path as it branches to a new path is always straight. Yeshua is always comparing us to branches and each one of our paths creates a piece of the tree as branches (is the picture that I see). Chaos would only create brambles and not branches. He is the vine and we are the branches. Thank you Father for showing this to me so that I can have a forgiving heart.
  10. YESSSSS!!! It is a piece of beef that has been hammered flat and breaded and fried like chicken. White gravy is just gravy made with flour and broth with salt and pepper.
  11. D, my fav. is a mountain of Chicken Fried Steak with white gravy, mashed potatoes, and green beans!!
  12. Congratulations TF!!!!!
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