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  1. There is a young lady at my workplace that will not attend church because in church the preach that if you 'do certain things' you go to hell. Just the straight up Gospel. She thinks that if God is a God of love she should be able to go to church and be accepted for who she is and not be told that she is heading for eternal damnation. I have explained to her the love of God, I have also explained to her that there are things that we believe are sin and if we sin we will not make it into the Kingdom. She is deterred by this notion and feels that church should not be like this. I have also explained that a good church accepts any man and any woman no matter their state, past or present but it's the determination of the church to bring you on the right path. But of course, she believes nothing is wrong with the path she is on- 'She is a good person!" What else can I say or what else can I do? I feel like this is a losing battle- What else can i say to her. I refuse to argue but arguments don't bring a person to church. Any thoughts and any advice?
  2. Hi Lurdys! Thank you so much! I realized it was the m. I did send it from my phone. I hope you enjoy!
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?gl=CA&client=mv-google&hl=en&v=qceQsAAyah0&fulldescription=1
  4. December 14th Joyce Meyers Abide in God If you live in Me [abide vitally united to Me] and My words remain in you and continue to live in your hearts, ask whatever you will, and it shall be done for you. — John 15:7The verse for today tells us we can ask whatever we “will” and it will be done for us if we abide in Christ. The only way this is possible is for a merging of our desires with God’s desires to take place as we mature in Him.The goal of every true believer is to be one with God. This happens spiritually when we are born again, and it occurs in mind, will, and emotions as we continue to grow and mature in Him. As we do so, our desires become His desires and we are safe in following them.The call that Dave and I have to our ministry is a good example of this. God’s desire was for us to be in ministry and help people in the ways He has gifted us to help them. That has also been the desire of our hearts. We could not have spent many years traveling every weekend, staying in hotels, and being away from our family if our desire for ministry was not God-given. He has put such a strong desire to minister in us that we are willing to make any sacrifice necessary or overcome any opposition that may come against us in order to accomplish His will for us.To abide with God is to “hang out” with Him, to spend time with Him, live in His presence, and nurture the desires He puts in our hearts, because that is His will for us. He speaks to us and puts desires in our hearts so we will pray and ask for those things He wants to give us. He will be faithful to give us our desires as long as they are also His desires and as long as we abide in Him.God’s word for you today: “Hang out” with God today; He’s a great companion.
  5. Please pray for me and my husband...we experienced a baby miscarriage this week....thanx
  6. There is a girl that works with me and she is getting to me more and more over the last 3 years. To rate her negativity, rudeness, difficulty, anger, destruction- would go off the charts. She sits beside me but affects me and the rest of the office. Sometimes i am drained before the work day even begins. I have prayed to God to help me be a light to her. Being a light to her means that i try to show her the best way or decision but I annoy her because I don't entertain her ways- so some days she doesn't even talk to me but the environment is still poisoned. Please pray that God takes care of this situation. I don't want her to lose her job because I know how hard it is out there ...but my prayer is that God removes her out of here...maybe into some place that is better suited for her. I don't know. But please touch and agree with me! In Jesus' name!
  7. Happy Belated Birthday Mia! God bless!
  8. Please pray for me as I have a job interview today at 4pm EST! thanks
  9. Yes he is and so is my mother! He is from Spanish Town and Kingston and my mother is from Manchester! I didn't know your family was Jamaican either lol! Cool! Yes and am first generation Canadian :0)
  10. Yes it has been on my prayer list. My husband was born in Jamaica!
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