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  1. I'm re-posting this for globalhealth in the prayer section so people can pray and fast about this. MANIFESTED DREAM ABOUT WITCHES CONVENTION Post by globalhealth4 Yesterday at 9:00 am WELL LAST NIGHT AT BIBLE STUDY MY PASTOR AT THE END OF SERVICE SPOKE ABOUT A CONVENTION FOR WITCHES. IF I REMEMBER CORRECTLY IT WILL BE HELD SOMEWHERE IN EUROPE. AND I KNOW THAT THE DATE IS 11/11/2011 AND WE WILL BE FASTING! IF YOU GUYS WONT BE ABLE TO FAST UP TILL THAT DATE THEN IF YOU COULD PLEASE BE ON THE FAST WITH THE BODY OF CHRIST AGAINST THIS DEMONIC FORCE ON 11/11/2011-11/12/2012. I WILL GET ALL THE INFORMATION AND POST IT SOON! GOD IS WAY TO GOOD TO US ALL NOT TO SPEAK HIS WORD AT LEAST ON THE DAY THAT THESE DEMONIC POSSESSED PEOPLE WILL BE SPEAKING SATANS WORDS IN THE LAND. THEY SAID IT WILL BE A CONTEST AGAINST THE B.O.C AND WE DON'T LOSE. IN 2007 IT WAS HELD IN EUROPE/NORWAY NOW IT WILL BE HELD IN LONDON.... This is the dream: I have never had dream of this sort! But early this morning about 5am or 6am I dreamed that I was walking into my daughters room but as I did I ended up walking into a covention center..huge may I add full of women with the same hairstyle--curly natural. I could on see their heads which all had a part straight down the middle. Some blonde, brunette, off black, copper tone and jet black. I was there with some old friends from college and we proceeded to the back of the place to sit. These women were taking notes but couldn't see who it was teaching. As i began to walk around a lady at the table continued to try and pressure me into getting registered and I continued to tell her NO Im not sure what this convention is about. And then I walked across the hall to try and enter a class of people that were also taking note-mind you, I never say any of the peoples face head on only side views, back of their heads and the only people I could see head on were my friends, enterainment and the registration lady. The people in the class were intensely taking notes but again I could not see the teacher. But there were men and women..a guy stood out with a red shirt on for some odd reason. And then I decided to call my uncle about it and ask him about it and he said look at their board and see what they have on it...I did and I saw the words..WITCHCRAFT/MIMMICK and some other words I can't remember. My uncle then said its a witches convention...So then I began to leave but not without the registration lady screaming at me to sign up so I could get a members card! globalhealth4
  2. I just want to let you know that did read this before and it is SO ENCOURAGING!!! I'm sorry I didn't reply when I read it God will save our husbands, Sirianta and Angelwings, we must believe that He already HAS
  3. I love your story, rock in a hard place, only God can get you out!!!
  4. HOORAAAY!!!! PRAISE Our FATHER!!!!!!! Thank you for the praise report Cholette
  5. Thank you Daisy, Cholette, and Wings, and that was a wonderful prayer and I agree, in Yahshua's AMEN!!! I don't feel that heaviness in my chest anymore. It left a while ago. I even got a pm from my realtor asking for some paper work and that he is talking to some people for me for a HAP program that we qualified for. I will take their word for it and just look forward to seeing him again! I totally know what you are talking about, the spirit of insanity. I actually had that word come up in my thoughts and I had the thought that I was being attacked by it. So, please pray for me in that area. Thank you all for your wonderful support, blessing and prayer
  6. Praying for you nephews healing, Wings
  7. My grandfather died last friday. I didn't know him well and have only met him a few times in my life. I started talking to him a few years ago but haven't spoken to him in a year. Not because I'm mad at him or he did something to me, just that he was a grouch and made me nervous that I would call at the wrong time. Anyway, on friday my realtor was supposed to show my house for the 1st time to a potential buyer. I was excited and that morning I was relaxing and thinking and remembered a vague dream where someone had died and I was crying. It was so vague that I couldn't remember the dream or if I even really had it. My realtor called me after I had been thinking and told me that the showing was cancelled. It didn't make me lose faith but I got this weird feeling of having faith but a sudden sadness and depression. I felt bad all the rest of the day and then I get home and get on my fb. I saw a post in my news feed immediately by my great uncle saying that his brother died that morning. I became angry that I found out that way and dissed. I posted that I had found out my grandfather had died, on facebook and that no one bothered to let me know. I had a voice message on my phone that I hadn't bothered to give a thought about until Friday night. It was my dad, letting me know that grandpa had died. He had left the message that morning. I did call my dad and I did cry. He told me the time of his death and it was the same time that my realtor told me that the house showing wasn't going to happen. My grandpa told me that he was saved and my uncle told me this as well. I just don't know if I believe it. I just feel so heavy in my chest. I can't place my emotions I don't know what I'm sad about. I know that I feel like dreams were lost with his death, regret that I haven't called him in a year, dreams that he would meet his great grandson and take him fishing like he wanted. Sad and disappointed that my house didn't get a showing. I know God is always doing things at the last minute. I feel like I'm being heavily attacked so that I would lose faith that God is taking care of my house and it's buyer.
  8. Thank you Wings, to you as well. Thank you guys for all the encouragement. I'm sad for us all. I'm so glad that we have our Father and that we can share our pain and struggles with eachother and be understood. I'm thankful for the happier times we share too
  9. Thank you Daisy, I do need Him to guard my heart. I put up walls so easily. I don't need walls just a heart that is safe. you 2
  10. Thank you Daisy and Connie. God will just have to be all that for me. I don't know how He will. I've gotten quick glimpses of what you say but not enough to feel it or understand.
  11. Thank you Daisy, it's just hard. There was a family dynamic that I was comfortable with, noone I didn't love or dislike or have any problems with (except for my mom. It takes a lot for me to be respectful to her though I have forgiven her and her husband). I don't know. My sister in law just treats me like I'm not my one of my siblings or cousin of my cousins, more like some acquaintance. I guess technically I am because it's not like I call anyone to talk. It just seems that whenever we are there she talks to my cousins and siblings and ignores me even though she can see them whenever she wants. I don't really know what I expect ya'll to say to this. I just need to get it out. My whole family are Christians and so is my sister in law. I know that deep inside God keeps telling me that I have HIM and not to worry about them. I just feel sick whenever it comes to mind.
  12. One of my brother have married and several cousins have married within the past several years. My sister in law in particular makes me feel like an outsider. Considering that we only ever visit and we don't see them often and haven't lived any where near the state since my siblings were kids. I just can see the whole dynamics have changed. I was never a big part of my siblings lives anyway because I hated them when I was growing up (I'm the oldest and their dad married my mom). Like, when my siblings visit eachother they are best friends but when I got to visit I spend more time with our grandparents, aunts, uncles, and some cousins. I just feel the whole in law dynamic coming in and it feels like they aren't including me. I don't know where I fit in and I shouldn't have to feel this way in my own family. They are the ones that came into my family, not the other way around. I just feel like my sister in law is being a snob to me and my parents and sucking up to my grandparents and cousins (she comes from a wealthy family and my grandparents aren't bad off, my parents on the other hand are not wealthy at all, and the aunt and uncle I feel she sucks up to are wealthy. My mom feels the same way). I just want things to go back the way they were before my siblings and cousins got married
  13. Happy Birthday Better eat all the cake and cookies before D does! He looks hungry!
  14. Happy LATE BIrthday I haven't been wishing anyone happy birthday. Sorry :(
  15. Do you think school kids are being used as guinea pigs by some nefarious entity?
  16. wow!!! It reminds me of the mass animal dying. I never even saw this mass fainting in any news article, Christian new watch groups or otherwise!
  17. I've been thinking about it and it's prob. not to protect God but others. You're right, God doesn't need protection!
  18. I was just listening to a radio show that was talking about satan. I've had this on my mind before and I read something about satan using this to say "even when you go to heaven, you can still sin, just like me" to scare people. On the radio show they said (the Bible says this) that Lucifer was created to protect (?) the Glory of God. I don't want to be Able to sin in Heaven! Who were the angels protecting God's glory from?
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