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  1. Thank you, Cholette! Yes, this really happened yesterday and today. I have a desire to write a book someday:)
  2. Last night I was mowing grass and I saw a bird that got stuck in the netting I put over our fruit trees. In past years the birds had taken every piece of fruit off our trees and I was trying to prevent that this year. I was very sad because the bird had died. Today I was walking past the garden and I heard a distressed sound. Sure enough. Another bird had gotten caught. But this one was still alive--barely. As I quickly unraveled the bird from the netting I saw his eyes. They were half closed and it looked like he was dying. I pulled the netting off his head from around his neck. The bird lay limp in my hand. I stroked the little bird, an immature robin that still had specks on his breast. " You shall live and not die," I said. "You shall live and not die!". Slowly the robin opened his eyes. He raised his body up in my hand. I could feel life come back into him. Then, way sooner than I could have imagined, Mr. Robin flew out of my hand toward the lilac bushes. I'm trying to decide if I should just take all the netting off my fruit trees and allow the birds to have a fruit buffet, but for one bird at least, death didn't win today.
  3. Yep I understand, but there's an end to one's strength too....Deborah, speaking out of personal experience
  4. I found it!!!!! I'm driving my son's truck this week and my phone was wedged in front of the cup holder! I did find something interesting though, on the internet it says a person should take out one's cell phone battery and copy the numbers that are under there and store those numbers in a safe place--I guess it helps the police if your cell phone is stolen. So I've done that and also turned up my ring tone! Thanks, Mark!
  5. I noticed earlier today I had the ring tone on low and neglected to turn it up. I have called my cell phone with the landline, but I can't hear anything. Thanks for the prayer!!!!!--Deborah, continuing to search
  6. I know this a little deal in light of the world's large problems, but I lost my cell phone! I used it this afternoon and then I got some company and my nephew had an allergic reaction to my dog and in the midst of all the activity, my cell phone apparently grew legs and ran away I feel I have exhausted every option and looked under, over and through every nook and cranny! Please pray I find my very useful tool! Thank you!!!!!
  7. Is there a church in the same vicinity as where your dad is that has a visiting ministry? Maybe someone there could take a shift or two now and then to help relieve the burden on the rest of you. When my brother was dying somebody took a night shift. She was from a local church and it helped so much. Just a thought....
  8. Okay, here's the latest addition to our family! His name is Monk and he's really smart (and sits on my leather couch only this once, I hope, my son took this picture )
  9. ...and may you have great peace in your new house!
  10. Sorry about Annie, Connie, and thanks for your prayers. People keep telling me to just get another dog but I'm just not ready, you know?
  11. Hi, Christa, The reason I asked you about the headaches is because a broken heart can lead to a spirit of self hatred which can manifest as headaches, but other pain too. Could I tell you a little bit what I've learned through my own life? People have a way of picking up on how you feel about yourself. If they perceive you don't like yourself they figure, he/she knows herself really well and if he/she doesn't like himself/herself, why should I? Then they treat you accordingly. I grew up around some religious folk who thought it was holy to put themselves down all the time. It's taken me decades to finally get to the point where I love myself. It felt unholy telling myself all the time "I love you, Debbie," but I said it by faith until I believed it. The Bible says we are to love our neighbor AS OURSELVES. We can't love others if we don't love ourselves. This self hatred leads to depression, specifically feelings of worthlessness and rejection. These feelings cause others to treat us like dog doodoo which leads to more feelings of worthlessness and rejection, a never-ending cycle. However, we CAN break this cycle. It involves spending time with the the Lord and bathing in His Word until we start to see ourselves as He sees us. Then we need to really watch the words of our mouths. Are we calling ourselves dumb? fat? skinny? stupid? This needs to stop. I'm glad to hear you're withdrawing from dating until you're emotinally healthy again. I think getting healthy again is going to attract people to you who are healthy too. Father, I pray for Christa. In the name of Jesus, I curse the spirits of trauma, fear, rejection, abandonment, abuse and shame. I speak to those spirits of hopelessness, depression and oppression that have been hanging over Christia like a cloud. The heaviness of that curse in now broken off. I speak peace from the top of Christa's head to the soles of her feet, a waterfall of peace. Thank You, Jesus. Say these words over yourself: In Jesus' name, I renonouce the words spoken aganst me, even my own words and thoughts. I am lovely. I am loving. Thank you for teaching me to love others without fear. Thank you, Jesus, Amen.
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