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  1. Right before we heard this news, the very night before, my husband dreamed that this girl was telling things that wasn't true and he kept telling her to stop lying.
  2. My son just got word that he is being falsely accused of a crime against an ex-girlfriend. He dated this girl over a year ago, and she broke up with him, so this is really out of the blue. Someone had told him she was telling that he was abusive when they were dating, (which wasn't true), and he felt it was more to try and drive a wedge between he and his current girlfriend. She later retracted that one, but this one seems to be much worse. She has always had an insane need for drama and attention. My son has to talk to the authorities about it later this week and really needs prayer. He has always been a good kid, always stayed out of trouble, has always served God. We know this is just an attack, but one that could ruin his whole life. We are praying Isaiah 54:17, if you all would please agree with us!! Thank you!!
  3. Thanks Mark! Your reply confirms what I feel in my spirit. I do not think the Pastor or the other people are "bad" people, just caught up in doing things the way they always have. They did gain the negative reputation for being cliquey for a reason, and they did try for a season to fix that. I will probably be stepping down, but I will not bring attention for my reasons.
  4. I am needing some wisdom for a current situation. My family is attending a wonderful church, great worship, excellent preaching, excellent classes for our children. We feel called to this church, have been here about 2 years and about a year ago I volunteered to help in an area of the church that was experiencing a need. At first the people I worked with and the Pastor treated me well and I felt like part of the team. The church at that time was really trying to overcome their negative reputation as a cliquey church. But the past several times I have showed up for my turn, it's as if I am invisible. They all cluster around and talk, the Pastor comes and joins them, and I just keep working and try not to look like I notice being left out. But it is becoming a strain. I didn't volunteer to be noticed or to be praised, just to help out in a pinch since I had the skills they were needing for that position. And I do want to feel connected to the church we feel called to and I do want to fit in. I am wondering if it is just time to step down, since they have more than enough people volunteering in that area now. I have been praying about it and they only thing I am getting is that it feels like wearing an uncomfortable dress--it isn't fitting.
  5. Wisdom words!! Thank you Cholette!!
  6. Thank you Cholette!! It just grieves me that they don't want this to be a "family" thing, they want to be the "stars" of the show. The rest of us are not allowed any input. As I prayed about it this morning I really felt led to pray that the Holy Spirit would "frustrate" their plans, just as He frustrated Pharoah's army as they chased the Israelites. The phrase I kept getting was "one step forward, three steps back"......is it wrong to pray that this become a "stress-lesson" for them? The thing I think that troubles me most is the attitude of the heart that I am seeing and hearing from them (she actually posted a video on fb this morning of a little guy doing a happy dance).......and they do profess to be Christians..... LOVE the advice about allowing them to do EVERYTHING!! That absolutely is the best thing. My sister-in-law does not do stress well. So in getting her way, she may have bitten off more than she really wants!
  7. Needing some prayer and advice!! This thing, that seemed to be moving along so smoothly, has spiraled out of control. Never assume silence means agreement!! Just as my siblings and I were moving along with our plans, my sister-in-law who wanted the big celebration and my brother she is married to, have decided to single-handedly do a "hostile take-over". My brother called yesterday, informing me he had told our father everything and Dad agreed with them that he would like a big celebration. If I and the others didn't go along with them, they would do it without us. I had decided not to fight and therefore handed the whole celebration over to him and his wife. I let them know I was willing to help. To which he informed me he and his wife would be in charge of EVERYTHING. They may need me to help clean-up afterwards..... I then let my other siblings know and started getting some unhappy phone calls. No one is happy, but no one wants a fight, either. This morning I get a phone call from our father, and guess what? My brother and his wife pretty much outright lied about what Dad had said. I am trying very hard to maintain peace, to not be offended and to pray for them. I could use some advice on how to handle this and also some prayers that I can forgive gracefully. Thank you!!
  8. I agree with Cholette, mostly because of what you said..."to be honest I felt so much peace when I thought it was over...." I think that is a very clear clue that this isn't the man for you. If he was the right one, the "God" one, you would have no peace at ending the relationship. But the Father loves you and wants to give you your heart's desire. Just because this man isn't the one, doesn't mean the right man for you isn't out there. I think as you seek the Father, and focus on Him, he will be able to bring the right one into your life, at the right time, without any help from you. Even is He has to move him to where you are. And don't let anyone tell you what "gifts" you do or do not have. If God has given you a gift, you will know it!
  9. Thank you both so much!! Nothing like a little perspective to give you peace! I have heard back from other family members who LOVED my idea and are on board. Still haven't heard back from the sister-in-law, but praying she sees the beauty and simplicity of what I am wanting to do and gets on board too. Thanks again!!
  10. I am in need of some advice!! As some of you know my dad has come through, miraculously and by the hand of God, some major health issues and my mother has been battling severe mental illness for more than 20 years. The last few years have been hard. This winter, however, is my parent's 50th wedding anniversary. I feel the need to celebrate in some way, and as the eldest child whatever we do will be mostly mine to get going. I do not feel emotionally able to put together a big blow-out celebration, nor do I feel that it would be in the best taste considering my mother's mental illness (part of which has included years of verbal abuse, delusions and hallucinations toward my father). I would prefer to have a small, family only gathering such as a nice dinner, followed with low-key program and sharing of photos. But my brother's wife suggests doing the big thing. After all, as she puts it, Dad has stayed with Mom, though sickness and health and needs to be honored for that. I agree, but after the last several years, putting on a big show feels like being dishonest to me. And since I will be in charge of the lion's share of whatever is done, I just do not feel like I can do that. She thinks I just need to forgive Mom, for what she really cannot help. I don't feel like I am holding unforgiveness. I just want to enjoy the time, honor our parents and feel good about what we are doing. Any advice??
  11. Please pray for a family we used to pastor. They just received news last night that their five year old grandson fell out a three story window and died. Such a heartbreaking situation. Their daughter and her family do attend church in their city and are really good people. My heart just breaks for them!
  12. Thank you! What an awesome testimony! Thank you for sharing and believing. We really felt like this job belongs to our son. There was just so much favor in working with the lady from the hiring agency. We are actually praying that the boss cannot find anyone that suits him and that God will keep bringing our son back to his remembrance. He already interviewed our son and told another guy who works there that our son had "so much potential". The guy told our son that and even he thought our son would be hired. Who knows, perhaps someone else tried to block it? Thank you again!
  13. Thank you Astra. My son was called from the hiring agency and was told the boss didn't think he had enough experience. He is devastated. So now he has no job. Please just pray that God give him favor and connections to get the right job and soon!
  14. Please pray for my son to have favor! He has been working a very dead end job for the last year. He has been faithful, put in long hours for minimum pay and the management has been horrible. But this last week he got news that a job was opening up in another town close to ours and he knows people who work there. They really like the boss and the working conditions, plus the pay is much better. He talked to the boss and submitted a resume to the hiring agency. The only problem is when the agency contacted his current employer. When he went in to work again, even though he had told his supervisor he was looking for a better job, the main boss met him at the door and basically chewed him out and told him if he wanted to keep his job there, he would have to forget pursuing the better job. He gave my son an ultimatum. If he pursued the other job, even if he didn't get it, he could forget working there. My son made the choice to pursue the other job, so now, as of today, he has no job. Please pray that God would give our son favor with this man in charge of hiring for the good job. He is a Christian man, and we are asking God to influence him on our son's behalf, not just because the job is so much better, but this boss would even be a better Godly influence on our son. Thank you all so much!!
  15. Shan, Has she simply overstayed her welcome? When God asks something of you, He gives you the anointing to carry it through. But when the job is over, the anointing is gone and then the job becomes hard. Perhaps this roommate really wants and needs to step out on her own, but is fearful, hence the attitude. Just my thoughts. Praying for you!
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