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  1. Thank you Exo and Cholette! This is confirmation as to what I am feeling I need to do. I have truly searched my heart and do not feel I am in the wrong here. There are things being brought out in me that I am uncomfortable with. I feel I am on the verge of becoming downright mean. Thank you for your prayers and words of wisdom! I need them!
  2. I welcomed someone into my home about three months ago. I have told the Lord that I would use my home to be hospitable to others in need ,rent and utility free. He has been faithful to bring people to me. I reconnected with a junior high school friend who had had a stroke and was in desperate need of a place to live. I wasn't going to respond to her facebook request because I didn't think I could provide what she was asking for. She was asking for a whole house, but all I had was a room. I felt the Lord tell me to respond anyway so I did and she accepted the invitation. Things went well at first. She has needed me a lot more than I had planned, but since God made this arrangement, I did what I could. This roommate is becoming increasingly paranoid and demanding. She has violated some boundaries and I have gently confronted her on this on more than one occasion. Recently, she did something I had asked her not to do for my parents' 50th anniversary, but she and one of her friends decided it was needed after all. When I told her she was taking too many liberties with my parents' anniversary party, she became upset, cried and has decided not to attend even though I have told her she is still welcome to come. After this confrontation, she told me that she would like for me to start asking her permission when I leave my dog at home when I go to work. I have never expected her to take care of my dog as his routine doesn't change if someone is at home or not. My roommate has a dog of her own as well. She also stated that she would appreciate it if I asked her if it was okay with her for a friend of mine (who she has met) to stay in my home while I am gone on a two-week mission trip this summer. The person I invited over is in a difficult living situation herself and I thought she could stay for a weekend to get away, but I told my friend I would ask my roommate if she minded, which I did. I also did this to benefit my roommate because she is scared to be alone for too long. My roommate said that I should have waited to extend an invitation to my friend after checking with her first. She has told me not to mention a certain person's name in her presence, not to talk to her mother (which I have never done) and not to talk to certain mutual friends of ours about her present condition or anything about her. I do not talk to these people anyway, we are just facebook friends. There is no peace in my home and my spirit is disturbed. I am conflicted because I believe God brought her into my home and she keeps saying that if it weren't for me, she would be out on the streets. I can't live by the boundaries she has placed up for me. Yes, I get irritated with her at times and my attitude changes, because of her being pushy. She has told me I have disappointed her as a Christian, because I get short with her at times. I know she has had a stroke and try to make allowances for that and there are many times I bite my tongue. The stroke has not affected her speech or walk. You would never know she had a stroke by just talking to her. She does suffer from headaches and she claims that her processing is not what it used to be, and I know this to be true of stroke patients. I don't know what to do. I really want her out of my house, but am worried it will ruin my witness. She is receiving disability now, so she could afford to rent a room now somewhere else. There are other people (including two of her doctors) who have terminated their relationships with her due to difficult behavior. I truly believe that a lot of her behavior is her true nature, not just due to the stroke. I just need prayer and wisdom. This is becoming unbearable and is not like any other roommate situation I have ever dealt with. Thank you in advance. I am open to anything that might help me and feel free to share what God tells you in your spirit. Thank you!
  3. Hi Sunshine! I SOOO want to encourage you! I also have been waiting for a husband that God has promised me --probably longer than you have. He has told me many things in advance about him, yet I've never met him. I treasure the things God has told me and have considered myself blessed to know these things as it reduces greatly the probability of marrying the wrong man. I must tell you that there are days, even weeks, that I have doubts because the wait has been so long and I have felt weary. God has never spoken to me about my husband through another person, only He has spoken. I have desired prophecies from others about him to gain encouragement along the way, but for some reason God has told me that what He has spoken is enough. I am to wait on Him and trust that He will bring my husband in the right timing. If you hear from God, which I believe we all do, we just don't always recognize Him, then just trust. God loves it when we abide in and trust Him. If you search this website, you'll find there are MANY people who are wondering about their future spouses. God doesn't mind if we ask for confirmation and He will provide it in a variety of ways. Sometimes it IS through another person or a dream or vision, etc. He loves to encourage us! I want to caution you to consider that your doubts about hearing from the Lord could be lies from the enemy. I have fought this battle many times and I have to remind myself about all the things He has shown Himself to be faithful in other areas of my life. In order to get my mind off of myself, I have created a list of my friends who are waiting on their mates as well as those who are already married, and have promised to pray for them the very things I want for myself. I will add you to this list! Hope this encourages you today!
  4. Lol! No trick question, just a coded one as we're not supposed to post names of books! That's too funny! Luckily, Lizzie wasn't a digger. Who knows what would have been planted in my back yard if she was!
  5. Maybe so!! I think I've read that book. H is for R?
  6. Hi Deborah, Your post made me tear up. I lost my English Setter, Lizzie just before Thanksgiving last year. She too would move to the driver's seat when I went in anywhere. I'd hear people joking about it saying that it looked like she was driving. She'd also sit in the passenger's seat just like a human! She always knew when we were around the corner from being home or when going to my parents' house. She'd get SO excited! One day I noticed her throwing up and she did this for a couple of days and thought she must have eaten something bad when she went outside. I thought it would pass. Then I noticed black stuff coming out of her rear. Then, I knew something was badly wrong. The days prior to that she had her usual spunky personality. After I saw this black stuff, her spunk was gone. Just for confirmation that she really wasn't herself, I motioned for her to jump up on me. She had such a hard time doing it, but she managed to do so ever so slightly. I decided to take her to the emergency vet. In the car, I rolled down the windows to let her stick her head out. She always LOVED that. This time she didn't do it. The vet wanted to keep her overnight because her doggy levels were really low. They called back to let me know she had a cancerous tumor. Inoperable. The doctor said she was in a lot of pain. I thought what strength it must have taken her to jump up at my command when she was in so much pain. What was really strange, was that for some reason the night before all of this happened, I let her sleep with me. I usually didn't do this because she had a habit of moving about the bed several times a night and that would wake me up. That night, she slept at the foot of my bed all night. I went back up to the hospital, taking my Jack Russell with me to say goodbye. I could tell she was dying because she wouldn't come to me when I called. I've heard dogs know when they are dying and kind of wander off, but I went to her and stroked her. Lizzie was 7 years old. When she died, I asked the Lord to please let my brother, Layne, take care of her in heaven until I make my arrival. Reading about your daughter gave me comfort that He probably granted me that request. So sorry for your loss. Praying for you... Shannon
  7. Sorry I haven't responded sooner. My internet has been down. Being God's beloved gives you an identity. This is what the Lord said of Jesus when He was baptized by John (Matt. 3:17). The rest of that verse says that He was WELL PLEASED. God is well-pleased with you, Jasmine. Because you have accepted His Son, you are His beloved and He is well pleased with you. Like Astra said, "Perfect love casts out fear." At the root of every anxiety is fear. If you know your identity, you can take authority over anything. Hope this helps.
  8. Just felt like the Lord is saying, "You are My Beloved."
  9. Hi Laura, This may be a ridiculous question, but is anyone teaching your son with Autism sign language? I work with kids with Downs and Autism and I have to sometimes teach them sign language to communicate. Some are able to learn and respond and some aren't. I know this was posted a while ago, but I was just looking around this site and read your post. What you felt is sooo normal! I hear this from parents all the time! Shannon
  10. Just reading this thread and find it very interesting bc I have had all the thoughts you all have had. I don't really have a problem with tattoos, especially on a young person as they don't really understand the impact the tattoos could have on them years later. The one main reason I don't get tattoos is because one day I will be married. My husband may not like tattoos and the Bible says my body will no longer be my own, but his as well. Even though I have thought about getting a small one that has something to do with Christianity, I don't out of respect for my future husband. Plus, I'm getting way past the age where it would be considered "cool!" Lol!
  11. Hi Jasmine, I would in NO way accept man's labels. Psychology is very humanistic, meaning there is no room for God. I am a counselor and it bothers me very much that I have to diagnose someone or label them in order to get paid by insurance companies. I'm even looking to get out of what I do because of this. What man says is NOT what God says. I would renounce what has been spoken over you and claim what God says about you.
  12. I continue to pray for the situation. You are such a good daughter to stay near to her instead of moving away. I'm sure you have a blessed relationship with your mom.
  13. Wow! As I was typing this Cholette responded with the exact same thing! I think this is your answer, Boscoe! yes, it sometimes takes me a while to complete a post!
  14. Hi Boscoe, I feel very strongly that you are dealing with a spirit of rejection. When you deal with a spirit of rejection, it is hard to take criticism even if it is constructive and well-meaning. You also tend to see the negative in yourself before the positive. Satan has learned where your weakness is and he is toying with you, reminding you that you don't measure up. A spirit of rejection often takes root in childhood. Someone may have been overly critical of you or overly impatient. Children don't know how to figure out that it is actually the adult's problem and not their own. I too have suffered from this and still do sometimes, although I'm much more confident in who I am in Christ and am more adept at recognizing Satan's schemes. What I've done is quote Deut 28:13 which says, "And the Lord shall make you the head and not the tail; you shall be above and not beneath; if you listen to the commands of the Lord." I also remind myself that I am not under a curse because Jesus has taken ALL curses for me. He was rejected so I will not be. If you learn who you are in Christ AND your authority over Satan and ALL his devices, you WILL begin to experience victory! However, if I am way off I know you will find the true source of your trouble. If this resonates with you, feel free to pm me and I will share more with you. There IS victory in Jesus! Shannon
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