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  1. Please help me pray for my mom, she has been feeling very sick lately. I've asked for prayers for her about the same thing before, she has just been going through this for about three years. This past year it has gotten worst though. She's going through the stage before menopause or through menopause, I'm not sure. But she has been feeling very weak, she has a very heavy flow, and even her voice has been changing and sounds very exhausted. She is usually very bright and energetic and now that she has been feeling very low on energy and sick it even makes her feel bad because she feels like she always has to be laying down yet doesn't get better. She's taking many vitamins and medicine to help her but it seems as they're not doing anything. She has an appt next week, but since yesterday she has just begun to feel worst. She says she's always cold and that it even feels like her head is tingling from the weakness. I please ask you to help me pray for her so the Lord can restore her health and heal her. God Bless You! - Abigail
  2. Thank you so much for all your prayers! This website and everyone who's a part of it have been a great blessing to my life! I always keep you all in my prayers. I am so grateful with the Lord because today was my brother's court and he is finally free! The judge was really nice and told us before the court even started to relax and breathe because my brother was going home. I know all of this is God's love and Him showing us how He is always with us and to trust in Him. He is truly Mighty! Thank you so much for helping me pray for my family, please continue to keep my parents in your prayers. May God Bless You & Your Families, Abigail
  3. Thank you all so much for your prayers and encouragement. All the glory and honor to the Lord for my father has returned home :) He has been here for a couple weeks already and although at the beginning it was difficult and he was being very on edge, things have seemed to calmed down now. Last week though, they had a huge argument but the Lord kept my father home and he didn't leave again. I thank the Lord for he is soo wonderful to us! He is truly amazing! Thank you so much for your prayers and please keep my family in your prayers. Also please help me pray for my brother that is still in jail, his big court date is November 8th and all my family will be there supporting him. Please pray so God free him from that horrible place. Thank you so much again and God bless you and your loved ones :)
  4. Thank you for the words of encouragement! They really uplifted me because I was feeling all down. I am trusting in the Lord and I have more hope and faith now. I know my father will return and hopefully it will be soon! I saw him yesterday and he gave me money for school and for gas and some to pay the electricity and water bills. That is a big sign that he is starting to think more clear! At first he was being very rude and hurtful! I began to pray in the car while my mother was talking to him and I was pleading to the Lord with all my heart to change the way he was being and to bring him back home. The Lord listened to my prayer and he became more considerate and nice and said that he was happy to see me. Now I'm just waiting for his return. Thank you so much for your prayers! I'll be sure to let you know when my dad returns! :) God bless you and your family! Abigail
  5. My father has left once again, it has been about eight days already since he left. He didn't leave us any food or any form of support but with God's help we have been managing to maintain. Please pray for him because we have been trying to get in touch with him but he does not answer the phone and when we text him he replies with "ok" or "no more" or "don't let your mom manipulate you" He has really hurt me because yesterday I wrote him with all of my heart asking him to please come home and that I couldn't take it anymore and he replied saying not to be manipulated by my mom that first she does her stuff then tries to get me to fix them. He only says that because my mom knows he has cheated on her with our front neighbor and they had this HUGE argument weeks ago. When he left he just said "Bye, I'm leaving" and his eyes were all red but I thought he was leaving to work. Hours later, I realized he wasn't coming back and that same weekend our phone bill was due and he didn't pay it so I knew this was going to be a serious fight against the enemy! My mother and I have decided once again not to leave him in the enemy's hands and to fight for him with all we can which is with the Lord by our side! I just ask that you please help me pray. Thank you so much! God Bless, Abigail
  6. Amen! Our God is wonderful! :) Please continue to keep my brother in your prayers. I just received the news about how the court went and they said they are charging him with another past charge instead which made the whole case more complicated. Please pray for him because he has already payed & has served time and has been on probation for those past charges from more than 5 years ago, and now they're just bringing back those past charges and are making him serve & pay for one of them again all because he didn't renew his residency on time. They have him serving time in a red suit which marks him "dangerous" and my brother is not dangerous. He changed so much since more than 5 years ago, He was baptized and began serving the Lord with all his heart. There is no way my brother is dangerous, and I think it is very sad that he has to pay all over again for stuff he committed in the past. I know the Lord is working with him because He has been wanting my brother to continue to go to church like he used to when he became baptized. My parents say the last time they went to visit him, he was so changed and even his voice changed and that his outlook on life was so different. I believe my brother will come out with victory! I know the Lord doesn't let his children down and does not leave them alone during trials. I believe God is with my brother now that he needs Him the most and that my brother will be free and will once again serve the Lord with all his heart. Thank you for all your prayers. God bless you - Abigail
  7. Glory be to God! He has answered our prayers! The Lord truly is wonderful & AMAZING! My father has been home for a couple of days now. Thank you all so much for your prayers! I continue to pray for each and everyone of you continuously. Please keep my family in your prayers and especially my father. Please also continue to pray for my brother, his court date is on the 15th. Again, thank you so much for your prayers and support. I really appreciate it all! The Lord knows that I needed words and people I could count on. He works in such wonderful ways. God bless you and your families and may He answer all your prayers. - Abigail
  8. Thank you! I try to be :) I'm very attached to my parents, I guess because of how I'm the youngest and my brothers left at a young age so I've been with just them most of the years. I really do, my mom is like my best friend and I tell her everything. My dad has been visiting once in awhile, some days he comes and visits and other days he doesn't. He talks to my mom now, there are times he doesn't answer his phone though. Please continue to pray so he can come home and stay here once in for all and not keep leaving. My mom seems like she loses faith sometimes, I know she doesn't have much patience and gets frustrated at times because of everything that has been happening. Yesterday she became very sick and said she felt as if the side of her face was almost twisting. She also feels very lonely at times and she doesn't want to have communication with anyone. I began to tell her that it's not good to be like that and that the enemy works that way. I tell her to keep trusting in God and that my dad will be home soon but she becomes so impatient and frustrated. Please keep us in your prayers. We appreciate it very much! I will continue to pray for you all as well. :) God bless you and your loved ones, - Abigail
  9. Thank you so much for your prayers. I try to hang on to God's word and trust in Him. I know he is capable of fixing all things! :) Amen! I really appreciate your prayers and words, my family needs as much prayer as possible. God bless you! - Abigail
  10. Amen! I'm waiting for my family's miracle :) Yesterday we were having a garage sale to get money for food and needs since my father hadn't left anything. Well he stopped by the house yesterday to drop off some money and to take clothes and he was actually here for awhile and even bought food to eat and ate with us. Afterwards, he left and took a bag full of clothes though. I'm waiting for the Lord to respond to our prayers and it seems as if the answer is getting close! :) I'm not sure what he told my mom about him coming back, I think he said something about coming back one day but as if it wasn't near. I trust in the Lord though and know that He is the only one who has this situation in His hands and knows when my father will be back. Today has been very hectic! I went to church and it was a nice service and we saw my aunt and grandma but they were being very cold towards us. The whole church service God was telling my to go talk to my aunt about the whole situation and He put in my heart what to say. My mom was the first one to go and apologize and my aunt told her to leave her alone and not to go to her house when she was having problems with my father. I tried to go and she walked off and said she had nothing to talk to me about but I had this great need in my heart to hug her and give her love. I tried talking to her and she was so hurt and had so much resentment and rejection. This whole situation happened because she told me to go to college out of state and move away from my parents problems and I told my mom and my mom became upset because how I'm her only daughter and the youngest and how I'm the only one left. So my aunt was so mad at me and said she didn't ever want to talk to me again. Well, the whole situation went to Pastor and we had to tell him what happened and my aunt said she forgave me then hugged me and held my hand but she is still resentful towards my mom for my mom telling her that she gave me bad advice and my grandma is resentful as well. It's just so many problems for something so simple. Please keep us in your prayers, it seems so many things come against us when my father leaves especially with them. Thank you so much for your prayers. May the Lord continue to bless every single one of you and your families. - Abigail
  11. Well I just finished talking to my father on the phone. He just kept asking why I sounded so down & what I needed. I just told him that I needed my dad home with me. He said it seemed as if the house was too small for him and that my mom and him don't fit in the same house. He kept saying that they don't get along and fight too much but I said no not all the time because I've seen them and I know they don't but I know the enemy puts that in his mind. He said it was better this way, didn't I think so? & I said no that it wasn't the same and that I missed him here and I asked him if he liked being alone better and he replied that sometimes he did because of the fighting. I still have faith in the Lord and I'm still waiting for him to return. I am thankful because at least he talked on the phone with my mother and me. I'm not sure what he told her, I guess if she needed anything? I just think that the whole situation is progressing and I'm still praying for him to return at all times of the day. My brother's girlfriend found a new lawyer who said he was going to win the case and is going to get my brother out. Of course, the total he needs is expensive because that's how much they are charging my brother to get out since they didn't give him the opportunity for bail bond because of past felonies. My brother told his girlfriend that he was never going to touch an addiction such as smoking or drinking again though! So I'm sure the Lord is working with him while he's there. Yesterday, my aunt came over to my house and began telling my mother so much stuff against her and my family. Every time my father leaves she always does that. It is as if the enemy uses her to try and bring us down but I tell my mother not to listen to the enemy! & to forgive her and apologize to her even if she didn't do anything. I have heard people say that when things seem to be getting the worst is when God is working and will soon respond to our prayers so I'm holding onto His promise and I'm waiting firmly. Even though, it is only my mother and I against all these troubles we try not to become depressed because we know that is what the enemy wants. Please keep us in your prayers as well as my father and brother. Thank you so much for being concerned and for helping us pray. May the Lord bless each and every one of you and your families and grant you the hopes of your hearts! - Abigail.
  12. I know how that is Shan, I have felt the same way about not knowing what mood he would be in or how things would be. Thank you so much for your words & prayers! I am trusting in the Lord that He will do the miracle in bringing my father home & changing his way of thinking. I will be praying for your fathers salvation as well. God bless you and your family! :)
  13. Thank you! I'm so happy about it myself :) I try to pray for each and every one of you as much as I can. God bless you! :)
  14. Please pray for my brother because he is in jail, his name is Humberto Gaytan and they arrested him Thursday because he hadnt renewed his residency but he is legal and came into this country legally. I suppose he was just leaving it off at the last minute to renew it. He is Christian and gave His life to God about five years ago but he strayed away and hadnt been going to church. He is 28 and has a four year old son and has been living with him and his son's mother, they are not married yet but are together. I believe the Lord is calling my brother and his family, and I know He will help my brother and take him out of that place. Yesterday we went to visit him and he was crying nonstop, before we entered we prayed because he only gets two visits a day of one person but when we went inside they let four of us inside and we were with him for an hour. God is so wonderful! We even prayed there with my brother and afterwards he became so uplifted and was even laughing and smiling instead of crying. I am so happy we were able to visit him and pray and that God gave him faith and more strength. Please just pray that they let him out on bail bond so he can be with his family and fix the situation. Thank you so much for your prayers. May the Lord continue to bless you endlessly.
  15. I apologize for not logging on in awhile, I had been so busy with school and taking 5 classes including one for a wellness credit which took so many hours out of my days. I am writing this post as an update and as a prayer request. You have all been a great blessing in my life. Many things have happened since I last logged on. My dad returned home a couple days after he had left and he seemed so different and loving! Then things began to go downhill in my parents marriage due to many fights but I know and feel that it is a huge spiritual battle between them. I began to ask the Lord if there was something in our house that was causing these fights. I began to get rid of many things in my room which I thought weren't right in the Lord's eyes. I prayed and prayed for Him to show me anything in this house which was causing these problems. Then for about three nights in a row I would dream about my parents fighting, and one of the nights there was a clay type of fountain involved. I dreamt I said that was what was causing the fights and I said I was going to break it but my dad told me it was worth too much money to be broken and in my dream I didn't listen to him and threw in on the ground and it shattered to pieces. After that dream I kept thinking about it but didn't want to break it until one day my parents arguing became very bad and I actually broke it. Everything seems so calm afterwards and there was no fighting for weeks and my dad actually stopped smoking for about a week! I was so happy! He was so different when he quit smoking, he became very loving and caring and just wanted to be hugged and loved. Then a couple days later he became stressed over work and began smoking again and all the arguing returned. Yesterday he left the house again without telling my mother or me. We both thought he was inside the house but he crept out and left and hasn't returned. I have tried to text him and have asked God for words that will make him think so he will return but he seems so stubborn in not returning. He mentions things about how children grow old and make a life of their own and that one day I will do so too and that just because he is not home doesn't mean he will quit being my dad. I love my father very much and I'm so anxious because of how he is not home, I don't feel at peace and I just want everything to be good and us be a happy family again. I really don't know what to do and have been praying and praying but my father just seems like he wants to be away and like he's choosing what is easiest for him. I don't know if he is like this because he is going through too much stress? Because two days ago they arrested my brother for things he did in the past and because he had not renewed his residency. Please pray for him because they are treating him as if he were illegal when all he needs to do is renew his residency and I know he is suffering and his family is also. I believe my dad is under stress because of what is going on, I am not sure though and would just like to know what is causing my dad to react this way and would like him to return home. Thank you for your prayers and your support, I am very grateful the Lord sent you all to help me pray and give me words of encouragement. They really lift me up and help me have faith. May the Lord bless you all and your families. I will keep you all in my prayers as well. :)
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