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  1. Jasmine, i work in school. Would you like to tell me what comes to your mind when you feel anxious, or what are you thinking that makes you anxious about the school?
  2. God can use anyone whom he chooses whether man or angel. Angel means "messenger", see.... we can also be angels whom God will send to someone to minister, or vise versa. If we know His voice( his sheep knows His voice), we can recognize whenever He speaks through someone because we are not listening to a man, we are directly listenig to Him. Like Cholette said, He sees you in every second of your life! One of the reasons to be joyful!!!
  3. What a mighty God we serve!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am rejoicing with you Debbie!!!!!
  4. Even dogs receive God's blessings! Praise HIM! I miss my boxer!
  5. Well, I know money is not an issue, but I'll show him that I take his word seriously, and keep reminding him. God will make a way! AMEN!
  6. One last question.... He said he is going to pay what I have spent during those days he and his friends were with us. Do you think it is OK to receive it or I'll just tell him to forget it?
  7. Astra and Cholette, I will always keep in mind what you have said. I know you two sees what is right in His eyes. GUYS thank you,
  8. PRAISE HIM! PRAISE HIM! On Thursday this week, they will be moving to another house, two blocks away from where we live. I felt like a yoke has been lifted up from my neck. My wife said that it was best for him to live near our house so that she could monitor his whereabouts and pray for him in a regular basis. I know he saw or felt that I was uncomfortable when he and his "friend" were around, even though I am not homophobic but because of spiritual reasons. you know what I mean.
  9. Astra, I really appreciate your advice, very practical and true. Another thing is my wife is pregnant, i don't want to hurt her feelings, not good for her. Really need your prayers!!!!
  10. Well, they key in this situation is THEY LIVE IN YOUR HOME! You do not need to interfere with his relationship but again the fact of the matter is YOUR HOUSE - YOUR RULES. All they need to know is that in your home one man sleeps in one bed and this is final. Besides if there's nothing going on between those two (which I'd never believe) they shouldn't be upset. You're the man of the house, so YOU set the rules. Tell your wife "sorry, honey, they'd have to sleep separately since neither one of us feels comfortable with this situation." I can almost guarantee you she'd be relieved by this decision. And again, let me stress this, it's not you teaching her brother how to live, but setting Your rules in Your house. Don't like it - GET OUT! , kind of funny, can't imagine myself saying that to his face. My wife told him the same thing but indirectly. I really like your advice, but the thing is she loves her brother despite of his personality.
  11. I understand what you mean. When I finished my college and found a job, I became independent from my family. I agree , having a freebie is putting your finances at stake. I've seen this in his life since he had his first relationship. Even though he earned a lot of money, not to mention his business, he came out broke at the end. Same thing happens today. Well, he said he's gonna pay as soon as he gets his first salary.
  12. That's what i thought few days ago. the thing is my wife never interfere with his relationship since the her first confrontation with him Though I know that she is bothered by it.
  13. To be honest, several times my wife and I have been advising him what to do when it comes to his major decisions, such as issues about choosing a job, buying a house, investing his money to start a business, relationships, etc. unfortunately he never listened. And everytime he's in trouble because of his wrong choices, he runs to us for help. This is what upsets me. Everytime it happens I ask God for patience and peace in my heart. I told my wife that I know she is a good sister but we can not go on like this forever. well, hopefully they will move at the end of August, I hope.
  14. please brothers and sisters in Christ, help me pray about two concerns in my present situation these days. My family has been in a very challenging, trying and testing of faith this month. First, we are in a very tight situation financially. My wife is pregnant with our second child, most of our savings have been used for check ups and preparing for the coming baby. i know most mothers know what i mean. Yesterday, we just had a car accident. Miraculously, no one was hurt, not even my pregnant wife. GOD IS GOOD AND I PRAISE HIM FOR THAT. My car has major damage in the front part, the bumper was totally destroyed. Thank God the engine is OK. Truly, God preserved our lives. Second, my brother-in-law is living with us together with his two friends for two weeks now. That would mean that I need to tighten more my finances and plan my budget wisely. My expenses for food in a month have doubled in just two weeks. My wife and I have always been helping him financially for many years. I love my wife this is why I am letting him and his two friends to live with us because I know he has no one to run to. Please, please, please help me pray that I will remain humble and wise to respond in His provisions financially and spiritually. I am also asking your godly advice about this matter. My wife is bothered about the sexual preference of his brother who lives with us. 3 years ago,He had a homosexual relationship with two men. When my wife learned about it, she tried her best to help him. But he became resentful and aloof towards us. My wife decided not to talk about it anymore, but still, kept on helping him financially. What makes my wife and i wondering if he (her brother) and his male friend who also lives with us, have this what we call romantic relationship. We are trying to ignore it, just shrug it off because we dont want to be suspicious or judgemental. He told us that his friend is just like a brother to him. And they have been sleeping together since they became close. We want to believe it, but we cant help thinking that two men in one small bed prefer to sleep each night in one room. My wife asked me if I would choose to sleep in one bed with my male best friend. I told her NO, I would rather choose to sleep on the floor or in a big sofa. I have no one to open up about this matter and ask some advice. I even think that it is a bad a idea to ask for counsel from my close friends in a church, because I don 't want people to gossip about him. Well, maybe, my wife and I are wrong. I hope we are wrong. If you were in my shoes what would you do, given that he lives in your house with his friends. Thank you everyone for leaving comments and agreeing with me in prayer.
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