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  1. Something happend the day of my mothers service. That morning i was getting ready for our family to pick us up so we could go to the service. I was falsely accused of stealing some socks from my mothers roommate & it got very ugly. I didn't understand how someone or something like that could happen at such a bad time. I still have alot of anger from that.
  2. Greetings & blessings to all, I have something on my mind. How does one know if they have truly gireved over. Someone that has passed on? My mother passed away in December of last year. God has kept me every step of the way through everything. It did take a toll on me though. The last time i attended church was 12/2/12 a couple of days my mother passed. I didn't go back. I went to church recently & it felt really good to be attending. I went to the church normally attend & at first i felt great but the next day i didn't. I forgot how long of had been since i went. It also brought up some feelings. Ever since my mother passed i feel like something stopped. My connectionWhen she she was sick it was hard to focus but since she's. Gone it feels like its worse. Im angry, snappy, mean. I hate coming home, & im. Happy to be left alone. Its as if eve with god is out of wack. Its like A HUGE MESS! Everything is amplified & i don't know how to handle it. Its hard to make sense of it. My mother was so strong when it came to handling death & i feel like i have to be strong like her. I don't think i ever really mourned over her passing.
  3. How can a Christian tell if they have a demonic affliction? Im asking because there are a couple of things going on in my life & and im worried that some of the things tht I've been doing might be a little bigger than me. If that makes any sense. I am in need of alot of help and prayer.
  4. When is the right time for a person to give their life fully to Christ?? Is been on my mind for a while & i don't know how to go about doing that. I don't want to anything that i not serious about. How does someone know when they're ready?
  5. This makes perfect sense...this question came up in a discussion. There was a time that I felt that god didnt forgive every sin. I couldnt understand how he could after we've done so much. Like I said, im just startig to accept that he does forgive us of the things we do. When I was younger God said to me, that there was gonna be a time when everyone would be going left when he said specifically go right! "what are,you gonna do?" I just got confused about it when itcame to things that we REALLY ARENT supposed to be doing. Granted there are still things that we do that are done out of habit but I know that those thngs can be changed with gods hlp. & astra you were right that is my spirit convicting me & letting me know that, there are somthings that are not ment to be figured out.
  6. I have a question...god forgives all our sins right? What about when It comes to finding yourself? My friend asked me do I believe that god will forgive us for the mistakes we make along the way while were finding out things about ourselves. Im just coming into the realization that maybe God really does forgive us for all our sins. There are sides of my life that I do want explore but at the same time im confused because if there are things tht we are not supposed to do does that mean we should explore it anyway? What do we do in that situation?? I think eventhough he would forgive me I dont want to develope this liscence to sin attitude. "Its ok God will forgive me." If that makes any sense
  7. It went great! I ended it in the afternoon. Hit a bump while ending it. Cnt do solids right away lol (lesson learned) i am happy im just glad that i made the choice to do it thats when i was hit the most but God kept me the entire way.....WE did it! I feel open in some way its hard to explain feels like i tapped into something u know? & im sure the Lord will reveal it to me over time :D I would like to continue to do this so i can keep getting closer to the lord, & just to spend time with him. Thank you ladies for all your hlp & guidance! More than appreciated.
  8. lol :) i understand! I really appreciate it. I have church in the morning so i think im going to push for one more day on this fast. That will be my last day. :)
  9. Awsome! I didnt expect that word to be spoken to me like this. Im glad you allowed the Lord to use you like that :D
  10. im giving u ladies an update in how im doing with this fast. I woke up this morning tossing and turning. I kept having this reocurring dream that god was showing me one way to handle a situation and his way to handle it. He was so kind in showing me how to do it & patient. Im so not used to that lol. He just brought this back to me because at first i couldnt remember what the dream was about. I kept tossing and turning i didnt feel good. I looked at the time 4:58am i was told to get some water. As i was drinking the water i felt worse. Head started swimming , felt like i was gonna be sick & faint. I thought i was gonna panic so i went to my room. Dropped to my knees & told god whatever u want u can have it i submit everything. My flesh, anything that he thinks is not of him he can have it just make whatever this is go away. Im stubborn i dont like to cave but i think thos morning i did. I dont care how he had to do it i needed something's broken & torn down!. I went back to sleep and when i woke up it was so still and quiet in my mind. This is my first time doing this on my own. If im able to go to church tomorrow morning im debating if i should extendthe fast to one more day. I think it would be easier for me to recieve gods word. Not trying to get ahead of myself though. Still kinda shaken up about this morning. Astra, thank you for those words that is very encouraging. Thank u ladies for your support! :D
  11. Wow, god is good! Thank you mia for posting this reply. I am currently fasting. My goal was two days. My first day was friday. So far its hard on me mentally because its hard to focus mentally when your mind is all jumbled up. I thank you for the confirmation its omforting to know that im somewhat doing this the right way!!
  12. I will begnning my first Fast & prayer tomorrow. Im nervous because the last time i did this i didnt take it seriously like i should have. There is something going on with my attitude its ugly, and im too prideful to change it on my own. I recently started going back to church & ive been doing well at staying devoted to this being that im not devoted to much. There are times when i dont absorb the lesson like i should but it doesnt stop me from going. Thats when i need to be there the most. I feel that theres something in me that needs to be torn down & i need to seek gods presence. Im not expeting this to be easy i will be fasting for two days maybe even three days. Are there any pointers that anyone would have that may help me to remain focused??
  13. I recently started going back to church i am not suree about whayt exactly im looking for but i feel as long as its with god i cant go wrong. So far, i feel good about my choice. I went this morning & for a min i was strongly tempted to stay in bed. But god reminded me that its when i dont feel like doing something is when i need to do it the most. I feel strong when i go to church & im reciving comfirmation in alot of stuff. Im a little lost because im not sure what part of my life i should begin working on. I try to pray but my words get jumbled up & i honestly dont know how to just take one thing on at a time. But how cn i do that of i dont know exactly what i should start with? Whay should i do??
  14. I am asking that everyone please keep my mother i your prayers. She has been diagnosed with throat cancer. She begins her chemo on wednesday & i want her to beat this. I cant wrap my mind around the thought of having to let her go....i dont want to.
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