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  1. ok i understand, perhaps search online for a ''bethal'' church ,they operate in the gifts of the holy spirit, they would have a counciling dept, horoscopes is seeking revelation by occult means, not from god, so combined with the wiccan they are the doors of legal access for demonicstrongholds to be developed in /over your life, their mission is to keep you vou bound, i would ecourage you to confess the sin of seeking direction from horoscopes, and your attraction to wiccan,this is the first step in going forward, ask the lord to surround you with angelic host and to give you wisdom on how to proceed,
  2. yes its possable ,demons cling to unconfessed sin,generational curses,spells,etc, rick joiner had numerous visions of demons rideing Christians backs etc,, truely hideous, an anointed person praying in agreement with you is sufficiant to bring about your deliverance, i ask if there has been any doorways opened to the occult in your family, eg; seances,physic readings,mediums, i suggest you find a church home for your own spiritual wellbeing, you can take authority according to luke 10;19 and bind the powers of darkness,cast them off you, declare the cleansing power of the blood of christ, ask the holy spirit to deliver you from evil as in the lords prayer, ask forgivness if you have unforgivness towards your parents,and honour them, clean you house of any occult material,thats a start,
  3. is that klingon, ur talkin,
  4. im more than happy for you to facilitate his needs, im the wrong person to communicate with him,
  5. he was banned multiple times, but came back on another computer, so had many chances, but always reverted back to his ways, so its`not about a 2nd chance, the level at which he wore ppl out was off the charts, im just not prepared to tolerate that,
  6. im not so sure about shud,, he was devilish when he was on here ,, abusive, blasphemy, swearing, rude, beligerent, unteachable, defiant, ungrateful, etc,, the site was a avenue for him getting undue attention, i hadda member pm me of the dispair of seeing him here again, and that he's been a menace on other dream sites recently,
  7. i guess time will tell,
  8. hey, whoever,,, cloud is back under the guise of ''joshua117'', ,,shud i bannish him like he was
  9. i banned this watever, for postg porngrafic material/links, and trying ti infect site wiv virus
  10. this shud be in the dream section, has fear got a hold of ur life, ?
  11. yep things are ramping up, im not caffein free but i know wat u mean,,, ''but the coffe was just sittg there by itself,, what else kud i do?''
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