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  1. My mother has passed on, and as far as I know I've forgiven her. As for occult the most I do is read horoscopes.... When I was in junior high I was interested in magic like wiccan ( which I know now to be witch craft) it's hard finding a church home I live in Vegas and I have to be honest, i m a little hesitant about finding a church home in this city... I do need help though. There are times when I feel like something is blocking me from a lot of positive things I could experience..
  2. How does someone cleanse their spirit??? I've gotten away from my walk with Christ and I want to get back to doing that. Would anyone know where/how I can begin??? ☺
  3. I'll start this off with a question..…is it possible for a person to have a demon attached to them physically????? I am asking because when I was 23 I spoke to a prophet and during our discussion she said that I had a deamon that was perched right on my back, and the only person that fix it was me....a couple of years ago I had a dream thatvi was watching myself as a child... But it was only half of me...the other half had dark eyes and really grotesque skin.it was trying to attack me...the other night, I had a dream that I was talking to my mom (my mother is no longer living) we were talking and then I start saying all these horrible things to her..she backs away from me, I asked her what's wrong and when I look over at my shadow and there's this thing on my back with horns. It sounds like its screeching....would anyone know what it might be??? And is there a way to cast it out??? I don't have a church home, and no spiritual leader to talk to...I TRIED TO PM A MODERATOR BUT THE SITE WONT LET ME...IM HOPING TO HEAR FROM SOMEONE SOON!!!!!
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