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  1. Hello, ARob17 - Teeth can represent a number of things in our dreams. The best way to know what the dream relates to is to note your feelings within the dream. Those feelings will be the same as how you feel about something in real life. Then, the dream will tell you more about that real life situation. Is there any area of your waking life where you feel the same as you did in your dream? Looking at yourself in a mirror in a dream can be about self-examination. Reflecting upon yourself or your life. Pulling your teeth out can be the removal of something. In this case, it's something that's easily removed from your life - and decaying. What's more, there's others that are ready to be pulled out as well While teeth can mean a number of things, I want to ask you if it would fit if they represented any people/relationships in your life? Friends, coworkers, family - anything like that? Are any in a "decayed" state where it would be easy for someone to leave/end the relationship?
  2. No. We all live in Wisconsin. It's likely that they're symbolic, though. When it's about my literal siblings, they're often represented by animals. They may represent siblings in Christ, though.
  3. In this dream, I was at a place (a store) that often symbolizes a place of ministry for me (usually this site). It was like I was passing through the area when the events took place. I stood outside this building and saw the sky grow very dark like a storm was coming. Employees and customers began to come out of the store to see what was going on with the weather. They looked at the sky, but they did not recognize that the threat was greater than the approaching storm that they could see now. Almost all of them went back into the store to go about their business. I remained outside to watch the storm roll in. The sky and clouds were so dark that you wouldn't be able to see anything among them - but, I was able to make out a funnel cloud in the distance. When I saw that, I went into the store. A crowd of employees and customers were surrounding the Customer Service desk at the front of the store. There was a manager-type person behind the desk speaking. I cut through the crowd and interrupted the manager to say that the threat was greater than they thought and that everyone should be directed to seek shelter within the store. When the manager gave the word to do so, the crowd did as she instructed. I went back outside. The funnel cloud approached the store, and somehow I did battle with it. I didn't defeat it, but it didn't touch the store or hurt me. Eventually, it left the area. The sky was still very dark, but there was a tiny gap/slit in the clouds that exposed the brightest blue sky behind them. I returned to the store and let the manager know that the threat had passed. Then, I wandered through the store to seek out my siblings, who apparently had been amongst the crowd that had taken shelter.
  4. Do whatever you want. I just know that it's been 3+ years and he was a teenager then. I'd like to think he may have grown up some since then.
  5. I'm not a fan of who he was, either. But, I don't think the trigger should be pulled unless he's in violation. We really need to give him the opportunity to show that he's going to follow the rules. I understand that he was banned, but does that mean he never gets a second chance?
  6. He was banned in January of 2012. So, it's been 3 1/2 years. If he's repentant and behaves, he should be allowed to stay.
  7. Hi, Exo - If you volunteered to help while there was a need, and now they have more than enough volunteers to meet the need...I would step down. If you do step down, it's up to you whether you also inform someone about how you feel left out or not. There may be a different opportunity to bring that subject up.
  8. Thank you both for helping on this. I agree that your interpretation, Daisy, fits perfectly with her dream and will give her an example of what to watch for when the manifestation takes place. And thank you, Mia, for stepping in and clarifying what it was I was trying to say to the dreamer - you said it much better. :)
  9. /t21323-thorn-in-my-side Could someone take a look at this one? I was thinking that this is about a future behavior in the dreamer's child that's brought on by a spiritual influence. I could be way off - and, of course, the child may not be literal. The details make me think that the "thorn" isn't something physical.
  10. Alrighty. Thanks for the heads-up.
  11. I think she should leave if she has any more warning dreams like this - especially if they get worse. You absolutely can tell her that this is what you would do in that situation. You told her to get help, but maybe she needs to hear that it's ok to actually leave.
  12. Ugh...that's what I was afraid of with the daughter's dream. :( It was a touchy subject to even breach, so I tried to be careful with how I worded things. Obviously, she was receiving confirmation for what she already knew to be the meaning. I'm assuming you've both talked about it in private, so I'm not going to add anything to what's out there. Another thought: Maybe ask her if she's satisfied with what's been shared on those two dreams, and if she'd like the topics left open, locked or even deleted? The subject is sensitive, and you/she may not want someone else wandering into the thread.
  13. Let's be careful on the Twins dream. I don't know how to describe it, but I have a weird feeling about it all. I wonder if that's what the Alligator dream is about.
  14. I'm not sure on that one. The person wasn't like...the leader of our unit or anything, so I would say that the person wasn't you. You'd likely be the one driving the boat.
  15. Yep. I've always felt this way compared to everyone else.
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